Working With My Day One Journal

I know, it has been a few days since my last post. I really am trying to stick with my blogging challenge this go-round. I have a good excuse this time. I was working this past Saturday, and I was exhausted on Sunday. I got to photograph my friend’s wedding and loved every minute of it. Now, for yesterday? I was working on my computer. I have noticed that it started to slow down some and I wanted to figure out how to speed it up. I was also trying to print and I couldn’t print in color. It took a while to fix, but I am now working on getting my Day One Journal how I want it and also on my vision board. 

This post is called working on my day one journal, so why did I start off talking about my accountability? Day One helps me stay accountable for my journals, and I want to keep it growing just like I am keeping this blog growing. Let’s talk about why I love Day One so far, and what I am using it for.

What Is Day One?

I will be writing daily into my Dream Life Journal for Scripting. I will be sharing more on scripting and manifestation in a post here soon, but this is where I write out the script of my life of how I want it to go. I have also noticed that there are a lot of other ways to use the journaling app including photos and videos. 

But my favorite is sending the journal entry from email. It lets me type the journal entry from my computer and send it over to the app quickly. Once I have an Apple computer, I will download the app for it and will be able to do that there. 


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