Why I Do Not Support MLM’s And Why You Shouldn’t Either

Have you ever gotten a message on facebook or Instagram from someone that you knew back in highschool asking how you have been and all of a sudden they are asking you to buy one of their products or “join their team?” I have always had a hard time telling them know so I have usually just “ghosted” them or just blocked or if they were or are a friend muted them. But This is why I do not support MLM’s and why you shouldn’t either.

I don’t want to be mean to those that are at the bottom level of these companies, but they are not “girl bosses” or “boss babes” that they love to claim. They are these MLM’s customers, and most of them are doomed to fail. The only ones that are successful are the ones that get in early with these companies and have a lot of people under them. 

Why I Do Not Support MLM's and Why You Shouldn't Either


MLM companies sell their products or services through person-to-person sales. That means you’re selling directly to other people, maybe from your home, a customer’s home, or online. – FTC Consumer Information Website 

One thing about MLM companies is they have products that you sale, but you also recruit new people to “your team” that create your downline. Yes you may receive an income from the products that you sale, but you also receive an income from the commission of your downline. 

BUT It Looks Like A Pyramid Scam

MLM’s do look a lot like a pyramid scam, and the way the companies are formatted act a lot like them, but with a MLM, you actually have a product to sell to customers and it isn’t just recruiting people into your downline and taking their money. 

Why Do I Not Support MLM's?

And Why You Shouldn't Either

I purchased a product from a friend a while back that sells Scentcy and truthfully it was ok. But, I prefered purchasing my candle wax from Walmart. She has never tried to get me to be a team member under her thankfully. But, when you look at the graph above she would be on that bottom row of distributors. 

In order to get into a MLM, you purchase a Kit, and Products to sell. Some are as little as $30-50 bucks but other companies are in the thousands to get started. BUT you also have to purchase the products to sell! What happens if you can’t sell those items? Your now out of your hard earned money for products that are sitting there going to waste. 

Some of these companies products quite frankly suck. It is a cheap product and not worth the money you spend on them. Then you have the weight loss products that we all know do not work! 

Guilt Trips When You Don't Buy or Join

The messages I received on Instagram were incredible at one point. I joined a blogging group and within this group you followed other bloggers to grow your audience. It was a few days long program where you did a few things, followed them on Instagram, and other social media and a lot of it was fun. I meet a lot of great people. I really need to get back into it also. 

BUT! within these groups were MLM’s trying to grow their “businesses” and would message me on instagram trying to either get me to buy a product or join their team. I was nice to most of them, and ended up either unfollowing them when they got pushy or in truth, rude and condescending to me. I wish I had some of these messages from them, but one of the tactics they used was guilt. Don’t I want to be a girl boss too and be their with my kids and provide an income for my family. Oh, I don’t have enough money to join, so put it on a credit card (what credit card lady?) 

Let The Comments Begin

I’m going to be surprised if the comment section doesn’t get filled with MLM Boss Babes or Girl Bosses telling me that I am wrong and that I should support them. But let me ask you this, how much money have you spent on your business and what has been your return WITHOUT your downline helping? Do you use guilt trips and target these markets? Single Moms, Stay At Home Moms, WOC? Your MLM is slimey and there isn’t anything that you can say to me that will change my mind, sorry. 

So My Answer is NO

Nope, Nada, Not Going To Happen. I am NOT going to buy your product. I am not going to join your team. I am not going to support your business that in truth is not a business, you are the businesses customer hun. 


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Why I Do Not Support MLM's And Why You Shouldn't Either
Why I Do Not Support MLM's And Why You Shouldn't Either
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