Where Did We Go? A Family Update

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Its been a while I know. A few things have come up and truthfully I have not felt like writing simply because of my own exhaustion. A lot has happened. We got great news recently, and then something happens and puts a twist in our plans for the fall season.
We won’t be able to visit Six Flags Over Texas much for the rest of the year it seems. It really depends oh Skyler, but more on that later. Also, my car is acting up now, but it has one more payment left on it, and I am sticking back for a new vehicle.
Where Did We Go? A Family Update

Skyler and the Fractured Knee

Oh Skyler, the child is a klutz. The week after we visited Six Flags Over Texas, I got a phone call from the School Nurse at Skyler’s school. While running in PE, Skyler managed to fall and bang herself up. Skyler insisted she was ok and just needed some ice to get through her day.
The second phone call from the school nurse should have been my warning. But, again Skyler did not want to come home from school. See… Skyler has joined Band. She did not want to miss out on practice or anything along those lines.
When I went to pick her up from school, I told the nurse on the phone that I would be one of the first in line outside of the schools GYM. I guess I should have made sure that I told her again the GYM. Skyler limped her way to the front office exit, and didn’t see me and I got phone call number four of the day.
I wanted to cry when I saw my oldest limping out of the building. I KNEW something was REALLY wrong. I got her home after that and looked at her knee, as soon as I had her changed into a different pair of pants and could see her knee I called the nurse line since I could not get through to the pediatrician.
I was advised to call 9-1-1 and have her transported. This is where momma bear starts to come out. The EMT’s looked at her knee and felt that it was ok enough for me to transport her myself. I took her down to the closes hospital and after xrays and and the doctor looking at it, we were told it was a hairline partial fracture.
I went to the school the next morning livid. MY BABY was walking on a broken knee from 11:30 to almost 4 pm! After talking to the school assistant principle, and then the school nurse I was calmed down some, but what really surprised me was the phone calls I kept receiving from the school nurse. She REALLY cared. She felt just as bad as I did. This changed my anger and I really understood that Skyler really did not want to get into trouble over missing BAND. Skyler also WALKED UP STAIRS ON THIS BREAK!

The photo above was at the hospital. Just a hairline partial fracture of her kneecap. They put her in a immobilizing half cast thing and sent us on our way and told us to see an ortho shortly after this.
I called the one they recommend and he didn’t take our insurance, so I called Children’s. We had a appointment last Monday morning. They took her out of the other cast thing and x-rayed her knee. It seems Skylers break was worse than we thought, and was a more serious break on top of that.

Blausen.com staff (2014). “Medical gallery of Blausen Medical 2014”. WikiJournal of Medicine 1 (2). DOI:10.15347/wjm/2014.010. ISSN 2002-4436

The black line in the image above is where Skyler’s break is. So, the muscle above the break was pulling in this and pulled the fractured piece off. She is now in a knee brace from thigh to calf and I move it to help her gain her mobility back.

Adventures are on Pause.

So, we will not be visiting Six Flags until Skyler is fully mobile and we visit the Ortho again in a few weeks. She was originally in a wheel chair at school but she is using crutches this week. I just REALLY hope that she has someone to help her between classes.
James and I thought that we would be visiting the Southwest RV show this past weekend, but put that off due to this, and a few other things.
BUT I have to say thank you to the staff at Childrens including Mr. Ben that put the brace on Skyler and played around with us keeping her comfortable in the process.

Have you fractured a kneecap before?

Let us know any tips and tricks to help Skyler down in the comments below!

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