Weekend Adventures

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Over the weekend, Mr. James, Rhyan, Skyler, and I went out looking for something local to do. Our first stop was at Urban Legends Comic Book Store to see if maybe Skyler will enjoy reading those. We ended up getting the Wonder Woman collection for her.  We will see how she likes it

Then we were off to White Rock Lake to do a little photo scouting for my photography business. I was able to find a few of the areas I have looked for and then some. It was also fun watching the girls look at the houses that face the lake and dream of one day owning one of them. (In my opinion they are a little much for us… I will be going tiny one day, and hopefully sooner than later.)

We then stopped off at Soupor Salad, which I would have to say was a waste of $34.00. You are probable thinking, Megan its Salad. But the salad bar just didn’t have selections and then the dressing was watery for both the ranch and blue cheese. My Thousand Island dressing was ok, but REALLY thick. Then I had the potato soup that was nothing but pepper, and they didn’t have any other soups that looked anywhere near eatable. The tacos were just blah according to Mr. James and the pizza was frozen cheap pizza. I will say this much, I will never be spending my money there again.

That evening we went to North Park Mall just to walk around and look and try to wear Rhyan out for bed time, and it didn’t work for her but it did for Mr. James and I. They had a few stores we all liked and then a few more that I LOVED!

The next day we went off to Bass Pro Shop and had some fun they’re looking at everything and even looked at a few pontoon boats and also looked at a few of the ATV’s they had. I would love to own one like my uncle in Tennessee does and take them up into the mountains and let the girls tag along. (As long as we don’t go on a path that has a 200 foot cliff.)

We also went to the Galleria Mall to walk around and I found the famous Lush store. I saw my first shampoo bar, never seen those before yesterday. Now I am curious about them and how they are made. Skyler wasn’t as interested in that mall as she has been about the last few malls we have been to, other than the Ice Skating Rink on the lowest level. She also had her first Sushi. It was just a spicy tuna roll, but when her eyes lite up with her first bite, I knew she was hooked.

Only other thing that went on this weekend, was I cooked breakfast for dinner last night and pretty much put on Ghost Adventures and passed out.

How was your weekend? And did you do anything local? If your local to Dallas, do you have any frugal suggestions things for a family to do?


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