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I’ve posted a few things here in the past couple of days about the Tour of Mesquite when we partnered with the Mesquite Convention and Visitors Center,, but today, I am sharing EVERYTHING that we did during this tour! Are you ready? This is My Hometown! Mesquite Texas!

From our stay at the Hampton Inn & Suites to our awesome time at the Mesquite Rodeo, you will find out some of the best things to do and see in Mesquite Texas. There is a lot more than what we experienced, but these are just the highlights. Keep reading to learn more. 

Our Stay At The Hampton Inn & Suites

Without going into full detail, our tour really did start off at the Hampton Inn & Suite, located in the heart of Mesquite, next to the Convention Center and the Mesquite Rodeo. We were able to enjoy our evening before heading off the next day for some fun-filled activities. Then we also enjoyed a break before heading to the rodeo while we stayed here. 

I have to say, if you are staying in Mesquite, or even just want a quick little staycation, you need to stay at this hotel! It is now one of our favorites and I think it will be hard to beat! Read our full review here!

Hampton Inn & Suite Social Media

After waking up the following morning we headed downstairs to have breakfast, again I wish I had grabbed photos of our breakfast, but I was chatting with the other mothers that were part of the Picture Yourself Mesquite Tour. The kids did love our family tradition of sausage gravy and biscuits. After breakfast we headed to our first stop of the day. 

Screen Printing at the Mesquite Arts Center with Durty Laundry

This would have to be my favorite part of our tour. I got to learn a new skill. I have been working with HTV for half a year now, and to find out that I could also be using screen printing is awesome. Both Skyler and Rhyan loved learning and actually making their own shirts. Rhyan has worn hers a lot since we visited. 

Durty Laundry was VERY patient with our kids and the class was huge!  The design was also really awesome and I would love to take a class on how to make the designs. 

Did you know that there are a lot of Classes You can take in Mesquite?

The Mesquite Arts Center offers so many different classes and events throughout the year for all ages. Make sure to check out their list of events on the cities website! 

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Next Stop! Downtown Mesquite

I’ve been a member of the Downtown Mesquite, TX Redevelopment facebook group for a while now and loved hearing about it from Downtown Mesquite while visiting the old Mesquite Theater and Bear Cave Coffee. Mesquite is planning a lot to revitalize downtown, including a horse shoe painting with community members in the near future that will go to decorate the sidewalks and more. I have always loved visiting downtown Mesquite and the artisan market that comes on the second and fourth saturday every month from April to November. 

Everyone also knows that I am a huge coffee addict. So now that I know Bear Cave Coffee is now in downtown, I know where I will be bringing my clients for consultations and more! I had to try their coffee while I was on the tour! I grabbed a quick Americano while we went to visit the Artisan Market! 

Let me tell you know, the chips and salsa were some of the best ones I have ever had in my life! The Salsa Texas also has their chips in a LOT of the restaurants all over DFW and if I remember right, even future than that. 

Visit Downtown Mesquite's Social
Visit Bear Cave Coffee
Visit The Artisan Marketplace

A History Lesson

I’ve had some of these images for years now since I was in class for my photography degree. But! Visiting Opal Lawrence with my family was a great new way to visit because none of my family had been there before. Rhyan wasn’t too into it, but Skyler! She is my history lover and learning more about our own hometowns history was something she loved to see and hear. Our guides were very knowledgeable and gave us a full rundown of the park and the main house. 

BUT! what really was exciting for me was watching James tour the Lawrence family home. He is a carpenter by trade. So his love of wood came out in this home especially when it came to touring the upstairs area. He may have even gotten a peak at the belvedere. 

There is no photography or video allowed inside of the house, which is a shame as I would have loved to share with you all of the beautiful items inside of the home, but I also understand the preservation they are doing to keep the home going. 

Historic Mesquite Inq Social Media

Off To The Rodeo!

Mesquite is known as the Rodeo Capital for a reason. The Mesquite Championship Rodeo is the heart of who we are. Skyler has been several times for school, and it had been a while since I got a chance to visit. There is a few things to note about the Rodeo!

Arrive early when your going with kids, they have a lot for them to do down in the arena. Rhyan loved being able to ride a pony! Also, don’t forget to sign your kids up for the drawing to ride a (sheep???) we were not picked to do this and Rhyan was tired and cranky when this event happened. BUT you can let them down into the arena to chase a calf for a prize! You have to check the video out below for that!  

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