Upgrading Our Six Flags Over Texas Passes

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Over the weekend we headed out to Six Flags Over Texas. When checking our passes Saturday morning, I noticed that the month of September we had the option of bringing a friend for free, on both Skyler’s and my passes. This meant that we could bring James and Rhyan without it costing us anything more.  We had one Deluxe Dining Pass and a sports bottle so we would only need a little extra for food for all of us. This was a test run to see if Rhyan could ride anything and if we could all enjoy the day. We have been discussing purchasing a membership for James, but that would mean we would have to get a sitter for Rhyan all the time if she didn’t get one. We needed to make up our minds about upgrading our Six Flags Over Texas Passes from two to the family four pack special.

How Did Rhyan Do?

We started the day off in the Bugs Bunny Boomtown and Rhyan was able to ride a few rides and meet Bugs Bunny and Porky Pig. Off to Judge Roy Scream where we were not sure she would be able to ride. I motioned for a ride operator to measure her, but they waved her on. She was scared at first, but after talking about it she wanted to ride again. We walked around the park for a while before coming up to the Shockwave.  Again no one said anything to us after trying to find an attendant to once again measure her. Who knows what was going on, but she LOVED this ride. When we came up to JUSTICE LEAGUE: Battle for Metropolis, again I asked an attendant to measure her. Nope. The thing is, they all require 42″ and depending on how she stands, she is right at 42″ but NOONE at the other two measured her. We still had a blast and she loved Fright Fest for the most part. We didn’t stay too late, just went and had dinner and then walked through a few scare zones.

So will we be upgrading our Six Flags Over Texas Passes?

Yes, but that is another story. Sunday, I started to research how much the passes would cost us, and if we wanted to do the family four pack. Since they had a sale on the passes for the Combo Gold Pass, we wanted to do it for all four of us. Six Flags runs specials all the time, so I think I got a great price for them. During my research, I noticed one thing on the membership page that worried me. “If you want to upgrade to a Gold Membership, purchase a Gold Membership. If you want to upgrade to a Combo Membership, purchase a Combo Membership. Be sure that the number of Gold or Combo Memberships you purchase now is equal to the number of Gold or Combo Memberships included in your original order.” I worried that I would not be able to upgrade to the four pack. Yes I was upgrading my Gold Passes to Combo Gold Passes, but I am also upgrading 2 passes to 4 passes. When I called Monday morning, I was told that I was able to do this. I just needed to have my original order number and the new number, and they would cancel my original order.
After my check cleared the bank Monday afternoon, I hopped online and started my upgrades. After checking out, I called member services again and stated what I was told wanted to verify it one more time. Catherine (she is based out of Six Flags Over Texas!) was wonderful, got me set up and ready to go! We also talked a little on the phone about our visit this past weekend and how excited we were that we didn’t have to worry about passes now. She really is great! I wish I had the other women’s name from Monday morning, but I forgot to write it down.
I also called Sunday morning before they closed for the evening, but I also forgot to write this young women’s name down. I called about the yellow souvenir cup. I didn’t know if we would get a new one with the old set of passes but that is all taken care of now with us having three of the dining plans. Rhyan didn’t need one since she doesn’t eat as much as we do, and if Skyler goes with a friend, she will always have a meal and cup.
If you notice my little pink bag, that still counts as a bag, and don’t make fun of my fanny pack. I love it even after saying I would never be caught dead with one. That thing is a lifesaver. This is our Sixth year with either full season passes or like this year, our first memberships. We use to take a backpack with us with a few extra things but the fanny pack use to work great and hold everything we needed. I’ll be upgrading it to a slightly larger pack. I also grabbed a new accessories kit for our Yi 4K camera to take more video without the fear of dropping it while on a ride


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