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What type of equipment do you need to start a blog, or in our case, a travel blog? Today I wanted to share with you the travel blog equipment that we are using and what we plan to buy to make our blogs even better. We don’t just use equipment, but we also use software to make our photos and videos even better than just a rough cut.

What Travel Blog Equipment & Software Are We Currently Using?

As Megan is a photographer as her other job, she already had some of the equipment that we needed to start blogging and vlogging our trips and adventures. But Below is a List of the Equipment that we use. We have them linked to where you can find the products on Amazon.

  • Yi 4K Action Camera. For 99% of our videos, we use the 4K action camera to film everything that we are doing. We are still getting use to it. As you may have seen in the video of Dragon Park, we did break the screen. Yi was awesome enough to send me a NEW camera to replace this. We have to say, out of all the manufacturers we could have chosen, we did well when selecting this camera. You have seen videos of the Go Pro Hero 4? This camera is so much cheaper than that camera and has more options! They don’t call this the go pro killer for nothing. I will also mention that they have now come out with an even better camera now. The Yi 4K+ that has even more jam-packed into it that its predecessor.
  • Yi Camera Batteries and Charger. This camera has already has a long battery life, but we also have extra batteries for when we are out and don’t have a location or time to recharge the batteries.
  • The Canon EOS Rebel T5 SLR camera – Megan has had this camera since she enrolled in the Art Institute last year, but she upgraded from the T3i. It is a great camera, if you want to vlog with the camera, I would go with the newer rebels that have a flip out screen unlike the 5T that we only use for pictures now. (T6i) We will also be upgrading our camera to the Canon 5D or as you already know that we love the Yi brand to the Yi Mirrorless DSLR
  • Canon 50mm 1.8 Lens – Most people would not agree with me on the 50mm lens being a good lens for travel. We like it because it is a prime lens, small and lightweight. It is great for our portrait photos while we are on our trips.
  • Canon EF 75-300mm f/4-5.6 III Telephoto Zoom Lens – This is a kit lens and affordable, we don’t use it a lot as it is a slow lens but will if we need to use it. 
  • LowePro Tahoe BP 150 – We need a backpack to hold all of our gear and lenses. This backpack is perfect for that and comfortable.

As far as software goes, Megan is in love with the adobe creative cloud and has used Lightroom to store her photography clients images and has a whole new catalog for storing the Odysseys With Love images. If you will just need it for photos their photography plan is great. You can buy it from Amazon HERE. Now I am using the entire suite of adobe products since we are doing video but it is a lot more expensive in the long run.  If you just want to use Premeire Pro like we do for video, you can pick that up here. 
If you prefer to make monthly payments to for Adobe Creative Cloud

Don’t want to use Adobe Photoshop to create your graphic for your website like we have used below and make it easy? is a great site for creating all of those.

What is on our must buy list for Travel Blog Equipment?

The few items that we want are below to help create a better blog and vlog in the long run. We REALLY want a drone to be able to add more interesting clips into our vlogs and as I walk with the Yi action camera I have notice one problem. I don’t have a smooth video always. We had a case for our camera at one point, but it broke on our way down to Padre Island and that is why it broke when we were at dragon park when it fell.


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