Tiny House Dreams

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James and I started to talk about our plans for the future. In the past, I wanted to move closer to Disney World, I also wanted to buy an RV and travel the states. But I asked James what he would prefer; buying some land and living tiny or being full-time nomads. I kinda figured his answer would be living tiny on our own land, and I was right. 

See, we both do something career-wise that requires us to be somewhere local to somewhere. Yes, I can take the blog worldwide, but I am also a photographer. James works with wood. His career also requires space, which living in an RV wouldn’t allow for if we traveled full time. If we had our own land and had two shops I could see us both living local to DFW and building our careers. 

What are your thoughts on owning your own land and living the tiny house dream?

But! Our Hometown Doesn't Allow Tiny Houses

Most places do not allow for tiny houses, and our hometown is no exception. I have noticed more towns and cities are allowing them, at least as pocket neighborhoods. This may be something, if I could find others that want to stay in the same area, I could bring to my hometowns attention. 

The tiny house movement is really growing and more people are looking to live tiny. We do have a housing crisis in the United States. I know mostly my hometown is growing bigger, but they may like the idea of a small neighboorhood that is styled like a pocket neighboorhood.  

Tiny Homes On Wheels and My Idea For Now

I have always played around with the skoolie idea and even drew up a few plans in the past. I know that wouldn’t be something that my hometown would like even if the pocket neighboorhood was hidden from view really. What I am thinking of is Tiny Houses on Wheels or even permanent structures. If the houses were on wheels, they would need to have a skirting around them to not only protect the houses but to also up the curb appeal of the homes.   

I would love to see community centers also located within the tiny home community. Public studios and things like that so others could also work just like James and I. These are just a few ideas that I am tossing around in my head right now. 

If in the long run, my hometown stills say no, I still want to find some land outside of my hometown to build this on. I think its a great idea. 

Saving for a Tiny Home Trailer?

I hope that I can start sticking back money now, and not wait for this one even in my life to happen to start building this. I would love to start working on a tiny home trailer in my own backyard for now. I am just going to start sticking back the money for this and look forward to our families future. 

Found Something Interesting?

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Quick Idea for our future not so tiny house.
Quick Idea for our future not so tiny house.

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  • Victoria Wood-Jimerson

    I live in the DFW area, and I was looking for a home for rent, in our budget that had room for us to convert our bus. In the search on Zillow.com I found an place that had tiny homes. If you go to the site. Go to for rent, then max 1000 $, pets allowed, homes, condos and other. The tiny home will pop up.

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