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Last year, my Uncle Bill and I went up on the mountain when we were vacationing in Tennessee. One of Uncle Bill’s favorite places to go is Windrock Park, A  72,000 acres of off-road experience that you can not miss if you are traveling up into East Tennessee.
Windrock Park Oliver Springs, TN
Uncle Bill’s friends were thrilled when I told them I wanted to go up and take pictures up in the mountains and see The Great Smoky Mountains. It really was smoky in the morning and getting in the ATV’s and riding up into the mountains was a fun and a thrill even though I have been with them before a few years ago. It is always a thrill simply because my uncle is 80 years old and his friends are in their 60’s and 70’s now. I trust these men with my life as we climb up the mountains and ride down paths that have huge cliffs and overlooks.
Windrock Park Oliver Springs, TN

After getting up into the mountain, it was already smoggy but it was still morning. On a clear day, you can see for miles. This was just the first little stop that the men wanted to show me. They kept telling me that the sites would be beautiful when we get to their favorite spot, but it would take a couple of hours to get up there. Let’s just say, the spot we find later in the day did not fail me and I will show you soon if you keep reading.

Windrock Park Oliver Springs, TN About halfway through our day, we stopped to have lunch and look around. I captured a quick snap of the men walking away from me back up to their ATV’s. Uncle Bill always has us pack plenty of water and lots of healthy snacks. We get dirty and hot on these trips. If I would make a suggestion about what to bring with you, WATER and Gatorade if you are making this an all-day trip. The men’s atv’s had space in the back for a cooler, so pack a few healthy snacks and something cool to eat. We had ham sandwiches with us but he also packed some tomatoes and lettuce for a different snack. We really didn’t plan on staying as long as we did this trip, so I am glad we were ready and brought enough for the day.

Check out a few of the photos I took while out investigating.
Now onto the site that I am in love with and I have even told James when we started dating that I AM getting married at this spot. Plain and simple. He still knows that when we get to that point that this is where we will get married. Well I hope, I have never asked Windpark if it is even possible. Opps. Maybe if Windrock sees this they will let us all know if those wanting to get married on a mountaintop can here???

I am not sure what this area was called now but this… this is it for me. It was the pinnacle of our trip and what I wanted to see more than anything.

The rock formation is like a set of seats that have been carved out over time and while we were up there for a while, we were never disturbed or had other park guests near us. My Uncle and his friend John stood out near the end and enjoyed the view. This. This is where I will get married one day.
The last part of our trip was a visit to a little church and then two more spots. Then disaster hit. We ended up with a flat tired on Uncle bills ATV just as we were heading down and back to the truck.  I will say that the other guest at the park that stopped to make sure we were ok were wonderful and we let them know that we were waiting for the truck to come and get us since we were not far from where we unloaded.

What to Visit Windrock Park?

Every visitor to the park must have a permit. If you visit their site HERE  you will find current pricing but when this article was written below is the current pricing.

Permit Costs

One Day $20.05 $10.02
Two Day $36.45 $18.22
Three Day $50.11 $24.60
Four Day $60.14 $30.07
Annual $91.12 $45.56

*Excludes Sales Tax
Don’t have an ATV? Find out about the rentals for theirs HERE. If you want to know more about their campground, visit the campground page.  They offer cabins, RV sites, and primitive sites. Hopefully, my uncle will be up for it the next time we visit East Tennessee so we can go back, otherwise, I am hanging out with his friends for the day.

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