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A few months ago, I created a post about everything there is to do in our hometown of Mesquite Texas. I have not been able to recreate that post and I hate that it is no longer active. I sat down the other day and really started to think about everything there is to do in my little hometown and there is a LOT! Mesquite Texas is a historic town in the DFW area and is full of rich history.Â
I knew I wanted to start creating more post on Mesquite but didn’t know how to go about it at first. That is when I can across the idea of having a series. The Mesquite Texas Guide. I have already visited a few locations in Mesquite here on the blog, and plan to start visiting more. I want Odysseys With Love to be the go-to website to find out what is going on in my hometown, find reviews of different businesses and share this beautiful little town with the world!

The Plan For The Mesquite Texas Guide

Odysseys With Love will be visiting everything there is to do in Mesquite Texas, BUT here are just a few of the things to do around Mesquite Texas

  • Opal Lawrence Historical Park
  • Celebration Station
  • Devils Bowl Speedway
  • Florance Ranch Homestead
  • Mesquite Art Center
  • Mesquite Rodeo
  • Mesquite Freedom Park
  • Downtown Mesquite
  • All of the different Parks
  • Events In Mesquite Texas
  • Getti’s Pizza
  • Skating Rinks
  • Town East Mall
  • Shopping in Mesquite
  • Mom and Pop Shops
  • Hotel Reviews
  • Mesquite Golf Club
  • Samuel Farm
  • AMC 30
  • AMC 10
  • Catfish Corner
  • Butterfly Trail
  • Xcape Adventures

The Articles and Blog Post

No need to leave this page to see what we have already done! Below you will find all of the articles and blog post about Mesquite Texas!

Calendar Of Events

As we find events located here in Mesquite Texas, we will add them to the Calendar of Events. Have an event you would like added to the calendar? Send us an email at

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What would you like to know about my hometown? Do you have a business you would like to see featured here? Let us know down in the comments below! Own a Mesquite Texas Business and would like to sponsor an article? Head over to our Work With Us page!Â
Mesquite has been my hometown since 1986 and my family moved here in 1974. My family has watched Mesquite grow and change over the last 44 years. My children go to the same schools as I did and have walked the same path and played at the same parks as I have.Â
Even though Mesquite is changing slightly I still love my hometown and can’t wait to see what she has in store for Odysseys With Love.Â
The Mesquite Texas Guide is your go to place to learn everything there is about Mesquite Texas

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