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The Best Lightroom Tips For Instagram

As a blogger and photographer I have learned over time that it is VERY important to keep all of my images consistent. And as a way to do that I have figured that since I am already paying for Lightroom, I might as well also take full advantage of what I am paying for.

I am paying for the full Adobe Creative Cloud, which you can find out more information about here: http://odysseyswithlove.com/AdobeCreativeCloud BUT if you don’t need or want all of the Creative Cloud apps, you can get just Lightroom and Photoshop at a cheaper rate with their photographer plan http://odysseyswithlove.com/GetAdobeLightroom

So today, we are going to learn how we can get image that are consistent. Even when you are on the run and using your cell phone to post images. Lightroom Presets on your cell phone, how to get Lightroom presets on your phone, how to get your photos on your phone to your computer and so so much more. 

Presets Are A Time Saver

Even as a photographer, I use Presets in my every day work. I recently purchased something that I REALLY REALLY love. Pretty Presets. I purchased the PRETTY FILM: Bohemian Collection from Pretty Presets and I am completely in love with my images for both my client work and work here on the blog. 

As time goes on you will soon see more images with one particular preset. Serendipity. It is my favorite out of all of the presets in this collection. http://odysseyswithlove.com/PrettyPresetsBohemianCollection (I don’t have a discount code anymore for this but it is WAY worth the money). 

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© 2018 Odysseys Studio - Mesquite and DFW Photographer- 07-28-18 - Image 00001-2

Download Lightroom On Your Cell Phone

My Biggest Tip for Instagram or just your blog in general is to download the Lightroom CC app for your cell phone. Lightroom For iPhone and Lightroom for Android. There are great tutorials on how to get your cell phone to sync with Lightroom so not only do you have all of your cell phones images on your computer, but you are also able to have certain Lightroom collections synced with you your cell phone.

You are then able to send photos back and forth between devices with out having to come up with odd methods to get things from your computer to your cell and your cell to your computer. 

But how do you get your presets to your cell?

I am not going to take Pretty Presets thunder on this one, I REALLY want you to visit their site to learn how to do this. They have the best and, in my honest opinion, easiest method to get the presets you want to your cell phone to edit images on the go. Their post Using Presets in Lightroom Mobile Apps is a must read. 


What About Sizing Images?

What size images should you be uploading to Instagram? If you are uploading a portrait oriented image, selecting 4 X 5 is the best and for Landscape images, you might want to send it over to your computer to do the 1.91 X 1 . Uploading a video 16 X 9 is the best size for these. 

Do you have any tips for Lightroom for Instagram?

These are just a few things that I have learned. Do you know of any other tips and tricks? 


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The Best Lightroom Tips For Instagram. Learn how to get your Lightroom Presets on your phone and how to export them for Instagram and SO MUCH MORE!


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