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Work For Hire Chore List Allowance

Megan does not pay an allowance to the girls, but over the last few weeks we have noticed that the oldest, Skyler, has not wanted to complete any chores around the house. After finding out that the credit card that Megan uses has a “Family Account” option that sends a credit card in the family members name, and you transfer money to that card so that it isn’t connected to the main account. Megan created a Chore List Allowance worksheet called “Work For Hire.” Skyler will have to earn her money from now own to be able to spend it how she wishes. She is able to spend it as soon as she has the money transferred, which is on a Tuesday in our household, or save it to be able spend it on something larger. We have notice other parents giving their children other incentives other than monetary gains. Things like screen time, but for Skyler we honestly believe that she will start working around the house without complaining as much if she is actually paid. The Chore List Allowance Downloads   READ SOMETHING ELSE Are You Following Us On Social Media? Facebook Instagram Pinterest Youtube Twitter Google-plus Linkedin Want to download one of my free resources? Join The Tribe and receive the Password once your email and opt-in are confirmed!  Join The Tribe! This form collects information we will use to send you weekly updates, special offers, exclusive newsletter-only content, first look at what is new in the resource library, Monthly Giveaways and so much more! Read Our Privacy Policy I Want In Now! Your In! You have successfully joined our subscriber list. Head over to our Resource Library while you wait for your first email! Make sure to check your spam folder! The confirmation email may have been delivered there. Once you are confirmed, you are eligible to win the monthly giveaway!

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