Starting the Teen Years | Happy Birthday Skyler

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I can not believe it has been almost 13 years since she was born. In early January, Skyler will be turning 13 years old, and I will officially be a mom of a teenager. Skyler is slowly starting to show who she will be as a teen, and I have to say that I could not be more proud of my daughter. As we are Starting the Teen Years with Skyler, I wanted to share a few things.
Skyler is my exact duplicate in appearance but when it comes to personality, we couldn’t be more different. If I look back to who I was when I was her age though, I can see a lot of my teenage self in her. This sometimes scares me, as I know every year I become more and more like my own mother. I want to raise Skyler differently than I was raised, but at the same time, I did not have a bad childhood. Skyler will be lucky since this was the same year things for me changed. I had to grow up this year. I don’t want Skyler to grow up to fast like I did. I want her to enjoy being a teen and not take on the responsibilities that I did.

Parenting a Teenage Daughter

This scares me because it wasn’t that long ago that I was a teenage daughter. I remember a lot of the dumb stuff I pulled so this is my promises to Skyler. Things that I plan to TRY and do differently than my own mother did.

Not Engaging in Shouting Matches

One thing that I was bad about was shouting matches with my mom. I was bad about starting fights and she would engage me. She would shout and scream and yell. It got bad a few times to the point that it was almost knock out fights. I promise to Skyler that I will stay calm and express my self in a lower voice. If I can not accomplish this, I will let her know that we will continue the conversation when I am calmer.

No Tears

This is one thing that my mom was good about. I never once saw her cry until I was an adult or I had done something REALLY bad (ran away at 15). I will not let Skyler defeat me, and reduce me to tears over silly petty stuff.


This is one thing I say to her multiple times a day. I did not hear it enough growing up from my mom. Even if we are in a fight, nothing she says or does will stop me from loving her. I don’t care what she says to me, or does, I will never stop loving her until I take my last breath.


This one will be hard because she has taken after my mom with this. I will hug her, pat her on her shoulder, and kiss her on her cheek. I don’t care about the groans or her pulling away. I will show her that I love her.


I will always keep an open mind, and truly listen to her when she comes to me. I do not want her afraid of talking to me.

This is going to be hard, raising a teen, but it's going to be fun at the same time.Click To Tweet
I know it’s going to be hard, raising my first teenage, but it’s going to be fun. You know why? Skyler really is a good kid. She has such a great personality, and her hobbies and likes are so much fun that I can’t wait to see what she does over the coming years. As we start this new lifes journey, and we set off to explore the world around us, it really will be an Odyssey With Love.
Starting the Teen Years, a Happy Birthday to Skyler for her 13th Birthday. How we plan to start entering being parents of a Teenager


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