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I started to think over the last couple of days about my different things I talk about here on Odysseys With Love, and wanted to have a seperate area that I could talk about Law of Attraction, Mom Life, Unboxings, and keep the travel related stuff up on Odysseys With Loves youtube channel. So over the last few days,I Am Starting A New YouTube Channel. Megan Nance is all. I just thought it would be best to keep branding simple and just use my own name… I may be moving everything I do over to that channel sooner or later. 

Now, don’t get me wrong. I LOVE Odysseys With Love and the Odysseys Brand. But I want to make sure that I am able to branch everything out. I may just keep Odysseys as travel only. I wouldn’t be posting here as much if I did that, and even the Mesquite Texas Guide would follow the Megan Nance brand. I am still just tossing this around as it is a idea. Are you starting a new YouTube Channel? Keep reading below to see the steps that I am taking to start it. 

What Do You Need To Do When Starting A New YouTube Channel?

The first thing I did was to start it off by calling it Odysseys Diaries. After thinking about that for a little while, I realized that branding my own name when starting a new youtube channel would be a better idea. So, I started to create a new graphic for the header of the channel. I am planning to release new videos twice a week on Wednesdays and Fridays. You can do this with Canva really easily! I also picked one of the images Rhyan took for me the other day as my profile photo. I created a few canva templates for my video thumbnails also. 

The next thing I did was create a simple channel trailer. This one is just temporary as I plan to work on a better one here soon. So this was just a few videos I found and a voice over. I plan to have me in the actual video. 

What Equipment Am I Using in Starting A New YouTube Channel?

I have a lot of camera equipment. But I am wanting to record here in my home office as well as out in the field. These are just some of the things I am using for now. I also have a backdrop… I hate my office right now and plan to upgrade it sooner or later. James is making a table for my unboxings. I also use Premeire Pro for all of my editing. Now I am still learning and use a lot of simple templates.. I love my new intro for the new channel. Check it out below. 

I may be updating the graphic in the background to one of my arrows soon too. I love the mountain but I also love the arrows. 

The Biggest Thing You Need When Starting A New YouTube Channel

Videos, and Video Ideas! I have a lot of ideas in my head and have ordered some fun stuff on wish for it. So be on the look out for the newest video coming out soon!


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Im Starting A New YouTube Channel! Find Out What All You Need To start Your Own!
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