Disney World Planning – Star Wars Galaxy's Edge

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Any DisNerd knows that Disney is adding a “Star Wars Land” to their parks in the next few years and at the D23 Expo we learned that the new land would be called Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge. It is being said that it will open at Disney World in the later part of 2019.

This Changes Everything

After the announcement of the parks, and they would include a hotel also for a fully immersive trip, I knew that our Disney trip would be changing (Last Disney Planning Blog). There is no way that I could not take my family to this hotel now. It will continue with the immersion of the parks where your actions will have consequences back to the hotel. It also will not be a hotel where it’s just a few posters hung up, but that you will look out a window and see the galaxy. As for a woman who never grew up with Star Wars in her life, and has only been introduced to it here recently, I am extremely excited to see this park and hotel be executed. I have no idea how this will work, but for James and the kids, I am excited.

Even just looking at the Disney Parks blogs concept art for the hotel is amazing.

Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge Planning

It has not been officially announced how much the hotel will cost, but it is said that it will be the most expensive hotel at the park and only accommodate for 1-2 night stays. Swagbucks has a survey at one point that had a few packages, and pricing being $900-1000 per night, per person. So that means for my family of 5 to spend 2 night at this hotel, it will cost us at least $10,000 for these TWO days. It seems that our Disney trip will be pushed back a bit since we would still want to visit the other parks. Our goal with this website is to make enough income to help pay for our trips and this includes our Disney trips. So far from Google Adsense, we have made $11.89 and from amazon associates, we have made a couple of bucks.

Are you planning to head to Galaxy’s Edge after it opens?

Disney World Planning -  Star Wars Galaxy's Edge


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