So… I Missed Day Three Of My Challenge. This Is Why

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No one is perfect, and I am no exception to this. We had a lot of stuff going on and my internet was out for most of the morning. (I REALLY NEED TO GET ON TOP OF OUR BILL PAYMENTS). After the internet was restored, I went to pay the rest of the bills and went to get the items I needed to finish Skyler’s hair. I picked up a wig that I love (and the family hates), and like an idiot, I went and had my own hair cut. More on this in a minute. 

But, sometimes life as a blogger isn’t always easy. I have to cut out time in my day to sit down and write. Sometimes I have ideas of what to write, or like yesterday, I have ideas while I am out and about. I have a new store that I can’t wait for their grand opening to share with you. Sometimes, you miss day three of your blogging challenges. 

So, how do you make up missing a day?

I could fib and have this post-dated for yesterday, and write two posts today, but that is cheating. I am being open and honest about this challenge. I do have some surprises coming your way here soon as I have decided to get a subscription box to Bibbidi Bobbidi Boxes. I am going to do an unboxing on youtube for you! I may even do a giveaway with it also… So be on the lookout for that!

So, A little while ago, I wanted to have Rose Gold Hair… I knew better than to try this on my own, but I know I couldn’t afford to have someone lighten my hair and do it the way I wanted it. So I may have gotten a little bleach happy and used a permanent hair dye on my hair after that. 

My hair was ruined. My hair was down to mid-back. I went and had my hair cut, and this is what my hair looks like now. UGH! I am at the regret stage all over again. 

BUT! It is just hair and now I can put on wigs a lot easier that I have in the past. My hair has always been extremely thick so that lump always looked weird. But the new shop I plan on sharing with you is my new friend for the beautiful wigs! 

I just have to remind myself that it is just hair. I don’t have to be upset that I now have VERY short hair. 

Let Me Know!

How do you react when you don’t accomplish your challenges? OR have you ever regretted your haircut?

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