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We talked about Disney allowing Skoolies at the Fort Wilderness Campgrounds a couple of days ago, today lets talk about Skoolie Dreams and floorplans. In 1995 laws were passed that school buses could not be longer than 40 foot in length. Recently that has changed to 45 feet. With purchasing a used school bus to convert into a motorhome, AKA Skoolie, We would most likely be purchasing a bus that was between 36 feet and 40 feet. If we could find a newer one that was closer to 45 feet in length, I would be happier, but I have been able to keep our dream plans below 38 feet so far.

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First Skoolie Floor Plan

Our first Skoolie Floorplan while dreaming of our future School Bus Conversion
The first thing I did after hanging up with the Disney Cast Member, I started thinking up ideas for our floor plan. Discovering Us Bus, was one of the websites I browsed and joined their facebook groups that I am still waiting to be excepted. Without much research other than the buses are typically 8 feet wide, I started to draw. I love the fact that I can print graphing paper with my HP Printer.
I used the 1/8th-inch graphing option and started drawing with each grid equalling six inches. I knew that we would have the front 4 feet or so taken up by the dash and captains chair, not to mention the stairs. With us having three kids, I knew we needed seating for at least four in the living area of our future bus.
I am not happy with a galley kitchen but I am still playing with the floorplans, and I have found a range that is 24″x24″ and a small fridge also.
We know we want bunks for the kids, and we would need a bathroom also, I found a 30″ wide tub that we could also do a shower in the tub area.
The last thing we need is a master bedroom. This floor plan is around 38′ in length. I am not really happy with it, and yes I know the floor plan walls are way too thick. I am just feeling a little dubious about this plan for now.

The Second Floor Plan

Our Second Skoolie Floorplan while dreaming of our future School Bus Conversion The second floorplan that I came up with has a little different specs. The front would be changed to have a co-captains chair right at the stairwell like in a class a motorhome. We will work out how to cover the stairs while in motion hopefully. We still have the galley style kitchen but after some research, I found out that Ikea has base cabinets that are only 24″ in depth. I was able to sneak in a larger French door style fridge also. We would have a larger couch that seats three since we have the co-captains chair and a media center. I need to work so we have that also.
The bunk beds would be turned and have custom mattresses in it. This would let us all have a little privacy as the bunks would be built in. Yes, the electrical closet is near their bunks but we could have it locked down so the little bit cannot get into it. The bathroom would be accessible from the hallway and the master would have a closet if we can find a long enough bus. These are just ideas, and we will be playing with it for a while until we find the perfect for us bus.

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Other Skoolie Floor Plans

Dreaming of your skoolie floorplans can be a lot of fun. We are constantly dreaming of the best bunkhouse skoolie and modifying our plans as we find new ideas. Check out this post as we add more floor plans until we find our dream bus

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