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We recently visited Six Flags Over Texas since the Summer season is almost over. It is now time for the park to start working on the Fright Fest updates. The best thing is, I noticed something new and we also got emails the other day that they will be adding a new right for the 2019 season!
First, this post is not a sponsored post, I just LOVE Six Flags Over Texas. And the following things are things that I find interesting and want to share with you!

We Rode The New Harley Quinn Ride!

This past Sunday we spent part of our day adventuring around Six Flags. We noticed that they were starting to get ready for Fright Fest so Skyler is especially excited this year. After we ate lunch at Johnny Rockets we headed over to the new Harley Quinn ride!
I must say I love the ride, just maybe not after eating.


Truthfully, I am not real sure I am impressed with this years addition. I would have preferred to see something like the ride introduced this year at Six Flags Fiesta Texas.
This ride on the other hand just reminds me of a larger carnival ride. NEW COASTER needs to come to SFOT! But, they seem to be adding something new every year so, I will keep my fingers crossed for 2020!

New VIP Tours

I noticed something new as we were walking into the parks. The VIP stand had something new! Express VIP Tour, Premium VIP Tour, and Ultimate VIP Tour….
So, I have emailed SFOT to ask for more information about these tours. Actually, I have asked once before about information about these tours.
I am really wanting to take Skyler on a tour and I want her to learn more about the parks. BUT, Park Admission is included and for the premium and ultimate also includes the dining pass… I have both of those and wonder why the extra things would add value to us on a trip, because I can add a flash pass and get pretty much the same thing with the exception of a tour guide. Once I have an update from their PR team, hopefully I can update you about these tours!

Are You Excited About This Years Updates?

What are you the most excited about? I REALLY want to know more about these Tours!


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