Six Flags Birthday

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I still can not believe that we just finished celebrating Skyler’s 13th birthday. Skyler’s happy place is out at Six Flags Over Texas. In the past I have talked about our day trips, upgrading our passes, and 5 awesome tips for six flags. So I want to talk about Birthdays at Six Flags at the DFW park.

Six Flags Birthday. Having a birthday at Six Flags Over Texas. Having a Six Flags Birthday

First, Six Flags, at least the Over Texas park in DFW is not like Disney World or Disneyland! Do not go into the park thinking that special things will happen. We did get Skyler a sash to wear on the day of her birthday at the park, and people did stop and say Happy Birthday to her, but most employees did not notice even that.
The picture of Skyler, Rhyan, and Tweety was the most that anything happened with the exception of the end of our day. I did some research beforehand to see if there was a way to celebrate a birthday at Six Flags and if we had a group of 10 or more going we may have been able to get a special discount. Since it was only the four of us, we just headed to the park for the day.

So how do we celebrate Skyler’s birthday?

Skyler gets a season pass every year for her birthday. (This year and last year we opted for the monthly memberships). If the park is opened on her birthday, we always spend the day at the park with her. Since we can not bring any outside food or drinks in, we always have her cake before we leave or when we get home. We also let her have pocket money for anything she wants at the park that day.
The day is her day, so we try to ride the rides she wants to ride. This year we didn’t get to ride as many because there was a mix up on the park hours, and I thought the park didn’t open until 2 pm when it opened at 12. So that was my fault. The park also was VERY busy after 4 pm. We ended up eating lunch as soon as we got to the park and later having funnel cake and ice cream on our snacks for the day.

Our Tips For A Six Flags Birthday

  • If you are having a birthday party, and will be having a group going, head over to six flags website and see if there is a group ticket option for your day. If you are celebrating at any other park, check to see if they offer birthday packages. Fiesta Texas does.
  • Get there early. Six Flags is a busy park, and then later in the day, the fuller the park gets.
  • Want to really make it special and can afford the tickets, opt for the Flash Pass Platnium. This lets your party skip the lines and takes 90% off your wait times.
  • Another option but is expensive is to opt for the VIP tour. I hope to save enough to do this for Skyler next year.
  • Just have fun and don’t worry about anything other than having fun at the park.

How did Skyler Like her day?

First, when we meet up with Tweety and the employee escorting him noticed it was Skyler’s birthday, Tweety got excited and seemed to spend a few extra minutes with her. At the end of the day, the tram operator that took us back to our car did something wonderful at our request. He announced her birthday and everyone on the tram wished her a happy birthday.
Thank you Six Flags for being so many peoples happy place, but thank you for always being Skyler’s place. She loves the park and has always had a wonderful birthday for the last 7 years.


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