Quick Date Night – Kaze Hibachi and Sushi

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This past weekend, we tried to let James relax and unwind without us running anywhere or really doing anything. We really didn’t do anything. James did choose to surprise me with a quick date night.

Kaze Hibachi and Sushi in Mesquite Texas, James wanted to surprise me with a quick Dallas Date Night at Kaze for some delicious Sushi The Surprise

Not only were we trying to give James a relaxing weekend, but James knew that I didn’t feel that well. Sunday after dinner and the girls were settled down with their movies, James got ready to go out and asked me to do the same thing. He would not tell me where we were going. He laughed and told me we were just going for a snack. As we got onto Town East Boulevard, I tossed out the guess that we were going to Sweet Frog, he asked me if that was where I want to go. No, just a guess, I want to go where you had in mind!
As we started to pass the Starbucks, I stated, so we aren’t going to Starbucks or Sweet Frog. He then started to get over, making me think that we are going there. He again asked if I wanted to. No, I want to go to your surprise!
Then he started to pull into Kaze but pulled all the way to the back that looks over 635. Again, I had no idea where we were going, and he was just messing with me again. After he started to drive again, I thought we were leaving Kaze, but he whipped into a parking spot and told me we were just going to get one roll each and enjoy our night. (Remember we just ate dinner!)

Sushi at the Bar

After being seated at Kaze Hibachi and Sushi we started to look at their Sushi menu and specials. I chose to get the Butterfly Kiss Roll, and when James saw the head sushi chef put out another roll, we had to ask him what it was. We were told that it was a Dragonfly Roll.

What is the Butterfly Kiss Roll?

The Butterfly Kiss Roll, as described on their sushi menu is Special crab meat, wrapped in salmon w/ponzu sauce (no rice). I am not sure what ponzu sauce was so I had to look it up.

What is the Dragonfly Roll?

The Dragonfly Roll as described on their menu is Shrimp tempura, crab, avocado topped with eel and sweet sauce.

About the Resturant.

We didn’t do a video or photos this time, as it was just a quick date night for us and I wanted to share with you, but this restaurant is one of the best Sushi and Hibachi restaurants I have been to so far. It is well decorated, but not over the top or too touristy looking. The employees are warm and inviting in their welcome, and the manager was walking around making sure that all guest were enjoying their evening. We didn’t talk too much with our server, or the sushi chef, but were open to our few questions we did have.
The display of our meals was beautifully done. My butterfly kiss rolls were rather a small bite-size pieces, but I did receive 12 of them and plenty for a small meal. James’ Dragonfly rolls were large and perfectly portioned. I had 6 of mine, and James had the other, the same was done with his, where I had four of his rolls and he had four of them also. I have to say the Butterfly Kiss was 1000 times better and my new favorite dish.


This is a restaurant we will be going back to for a more in-depth review in the future. This was just a quick date night for us as it isn’t far from our home. Overall from our night out, I have to give this a 5 out of 5 stars.

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