Planning Our South Carolina Road Trip and a FREE printable

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In April, we are going on the longest/shortest road trip for the first time as a family. The Girls have made the trip to East Tennessee with us a few times, but other than the Padre Island National Seashore beach trip, James hasn’t been on a long one with us yet. I am nervous and excited at the same time. Why am I saying this is the Longest/shortest road trip? Well we are going to my cousin Amy’s wedding in Fort Mill, South Carolina and we are only going for the weekend!
This also means I have to plan carefully so that we can make it there in time.  That is where I started to look for a planner that would work for this type of Road Trip. See, I wanted to be able to track where I will be and when I will need to stop for gas since we are leaving out at 8-9 pm the Friday before the wedding.
I couldn’t find a planner ANYWHERE that had a 24 hour schedule! So what did I do? I made my own and I am sharing it with you! Just jump on down to the bottom of this post to sign up not only for this printable, but all of our Resource Library materials!
Planning Our South Carolina Road Trip and a Free Printable

Driving VS Flying

I had to weigh out the cost and comfort for everyone when it came to this trip. Which would be better and financially doable? This chart will show my reasoning for choosing to drive the 15 hour trip instead of Flying.

Driving To South Carolina

  • $250 in Gas
  • $150 – $200 for Rental Car
  • $200 in food (round trip, lesss since we are packing food too)
  • 15 Hours Non Stop Driving One Way

$650 for just driving

Flying To South Carolina

  • $2,000 + for the four of us to fly in.
  • 4 Hours on Way
  • Airport Security
  • $200 in Food

$2,200 For Flying
So it REALLY make sense that we Drive to save the money. I know we won’t have a lot of time to stop and visit different things, but we are planning on making one big stop on our way back. I am also planning this stop for around lunch time. We will be stopping in at Six Flags Over Georgia! I called the membership support to find out if we would be able to use our dinning passes also at the Georgia property, and since we have the Premium Dining Passes, we are able to us it there (FREE LUNCH!) Either way we would have enough food packed in our cooler to eat lunch before we entered the park. But this way the food cost above just got a little cheaper!

Friday before we leave

So, we are planning on leaving the day before the wedding, at about 9ish. You can see above that I have even that day planned out and approximately where we will be every hour after we get on the road.
I even planned on when I will pick Skyler up from school, naps, and our dinner. If James gets home from work at 9:30, we wont get on the road til 10ish, but we believe he will take off a little early or take off for his second job. I will have the car ready so when we do get on the road, that’s all we have to do.

Who is doing the Driving?

On the way there I plan to do the first half of the driving. That is why I am napping off and on all day Friday. I’ll probably stay up all night Thursday working within *Tailwind scheduling Pinterest stuff and working on the following Monday’s Newsletter. This way James can sleep on that first leg on our journey to South Carolina since he worked all day. After he wakes up and we have breakfast in the morning, we will switch out so I can at least take a nap for a little while.
On the way back, as we are leaving out it doesn’t matter who drives for the first few hours. Just that I am driving the last leg home so that James can nap even though we will be home before he has to work that Monday.

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Only Three More Years! Skyler will be Sixteen in THREE YEARS! That really is a scary and exciting thought! At 15, I had a hardship licences and drove some of the way to Tennessee, so I can not wait till Skyler is old enough to help drive with these trips, especially when we have the Airstream… YES I will be teaching her to tow because she is already wanting a r-pod or T@B for when she goes to collage. Maybe I could talk her into a small Airstream too?

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