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I have posted on Instagram lately about wanting to go back down to Padre Island National Seashore a few times now. So I am now planning our next few trips that I want to take in the next year. I have also talked about wanting to save up for a trip to Disney World, and I finally found a way to start saving for that. 

Not only do we want to head down to Padre Island soon, but I also want to take the kids down to the Houston Space Center, and have some fun there for a few days. 

Padre Island National Seashore.

This trip will be easy to do for the family. We pack up and road trip down to the beach for this one. Not much planning has to be done other than our gear. Our first family trip after James joined my tiny family was the beach camping trip, and It is now our favorite place that we have visited. We don’t have to book tickets or reservations for this, we just leave early one day and drive. We love beach camping and the girls love the beach! 

Our next trip, we want to have one more tent for the trip, ours is great but it would give the girls a little privacy and also some privacy for James and me. The bottom tents are the style that I would love to have and save up for. 

Houston Space Center Trip.

I have a child that has said over and over that she wants to be an astronaut. I know Houston is a few hours away from us, so I am thinking that it would be a lot of fun for her for us to head down there one weekend, So I looked up the prices when I saw something that I know she would love. 

Lunch With An Astronaut! I wish she was a little older to go on one of the other tours, but when she still has interest in a few years we will do that, but I know we will be heading down to Houston soon!

I'm finally Sticking Back Money For Disney World!

I was talking to James the other day at the store, and I told him I wanted to start picking up Disney Gift Cards. Just $25 here and there. I am putting them in a safe place for now and I can’t really spend them! I am also asking for Gift Cards for Christmas and Birthdays, and other holidays where gifts are normally given. I hope to pick up gift cards on sale (Target Red Card and like 5% back?) and my Swagbucks Money will be used for those also. 

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