Planning My Sewing Adventure

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The other day I wrote about wanting to learn to sew and since then I have been planning my sewing adventure. I have been looking into which sewing machine that I wanted, and accessories. Not only the machine I want but the different projects that I want to give a try at. 

I know I will be videoing the trip to purchase or order my machine (hopefully within the month) setting it up, my first projects, and heading to JoAnn’s to pick out my fabric and more. Planning my sewing adventure has been a lot of fun so far, and knowing what my first project is going to be has also made picking my next machine a lot easier for me too. 

Planning My Sewing Adventure and Picking My Machine

So, after looking at different sewing machines, and different types, I knew I had to know the different types of projects I want to try out. I know I want a machine that is able to embroider, has a large catalog of decorative stitches and has room for quilting. I have settled on the Singer Legacy SE300.  Since I also want to make clothing, I am also wanting the Singer Professional 5 Serger

One of the biggest reasons for wanting to pick these two machines is I am hoping to learn to sew enough to be able to make items to sell. I have a lot of items I have downloaded over the last year since getting into crafting with my *Cricut and Silhouette, but these items just didn’t work out since there are so many people doing this. Now your probably wondering why I am wanting to make clothing and handmade projects this way. I don’t see many people in my area completely customizing their items from scratch.   

My Sewing Adventure's First Project

I have been saving a lot of pins on Pinterest here lately of things I want to make. But the first thing I am going to work on is a gift for Skyler. The first thing I want to try is to make a quilt. I know I am wanting to use the Nightmare Before Christmas Fabric I found on JoAnn’s website and it says they have them at my local JoAnn’s. For this first Sewing Adventure, I am going to use that fabric plus a batting, and a Minky fabric for the back of the quilt. I have used Minky before when making Rhyan a blanket when she was little to keep warm in the car.

I have also read that the Cuddle brand Minky is easy to work with and I can’t wait to work on this. I have been watching quilting videos on YouTube about free-motion quilting and other ways of quilting to make a beautiful design. I will be making her quilt twin-sized and also making a few pillowcase covers for her from this material. 

My Favorite Pinterest Boards!

Vintage Wear

Starting A New Sewing Channel and Brand

Let’s talk about the future of while we are at it and the Brand of Megan Nance. I know the first few things once I am up and running with my machine is I will be sharing some of the items here with my crafting, but is important to me. I started to move some of the things I was writing about here to that site, but I know that I want to share my sewing adventure videos and more over on that website. 

Along with the Megan Nance website, I also have the Megan Nance Youtube channel. I know I am going to redo that channel for my sewing videos as they don’t really fit in with Odysseys With Love especially if I do tutorials. I know I am going to purchase the KALLAX workstation and bookshelf for those videos along with the other items I am purchasing. So be on the lookout for those rebrands. 

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My plans for purchasing and learning to sew. Products I plan on purchasing and projects I want to try
My plans for purchasing and learning to sew. Products I plan on purchasing and projects I want to try
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