Are You Looking For Fun Parks In Mesquite Texas?

Summer is in full swing and are you looking for fun parks in Mesquite Texas? If you’re anything like I am, you are looking for anything to keep your kids busy and happy this summer. So, I started to look up the different parks other than the closest one to my own home, and I found out that Mesquite Texas has over 60 parks in total!

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Getting Stuff Done

I woke up feeling like crud this morning, but I knew I would be getting stuff done, including working on my Law of Attractions stuff. But I really wanted to make a new background for my computer to help with getting stuff done and help with the law of attraction for me. So off to photoshop I went.

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A Millionaire Mindset and The Law Of Attraction

’ve talked about the Law Of Attraction for some time now and have even mentioned a few times that I have dreamed about winning the lottery. I have been doing a lot of research into achieving both of these. I have started to read and watch videos on both The Law of Attraction and having a Millionaire Mindset.

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From YouTube To Podcast? What Direction Are We Heading?

I haven’t been active on Youtube lately and started to think of a way to get us back on there, but with how uncomfortable I am on camera, I starting to think of different things that I can do. I noticed a few other YouTubers do something a little different. Thats where Podcast come in for us.

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I Am A Mother, Daughter, and Wife

This post isn’t 10 things about myself. But, is about the fact that as a Mother, Daughter, and Wife, life isn’t always so easy. Life is filled with ups and downs, and lately, life has been filled with stress and truthfully depression. So what has me so stressed and depressed here lately? How am I dealing with it?  I am not a doctor and have no qualifications to tell you how to overcome any of this, but this is just how I deal with my life right now, right or wrong, this is what helps me overcome everything going on in my life. Don’t forget to check out the giveaway at the bottom of this post. Why So Stressed? You may be asking yourself why I am so stressed and as I said, depressed? I have beautiful children, a loving mother, and a husband who adores me. What is there to be depressed about? I get to stay home with my kids, care for my mother, and spend the evening with my loving husband.  Stress comes from not pulling my own weight in this family. I feel like I am putting undue stress on my husband that he doesn’t deserve. Everytime I try to make a run of my photography career, it seems to just slap me in my face. No one wants to hire a photographer anymore. Even with a special that is just $25.00 (with a special first 15 get it for $15). I have thought about just selling my camera and not temping myself anymore with that. I was blessed to get my Silhouette for Christmas, but then I feel like I made a HUGE mistake by helping someone else now… I made decals for her business but when I upgraded my machine, I sold her my old one and now I don’t have any business at all. I know I can get my name and goods out there sooner or later, I just don’t have that many people in my social network to sell locally.  Did I make a $1,500 Mistake? I posted about my smile and haven’t done an update yet. It is partially because I am slightly depressed over what is going on. Yes, I paid right at $1,500 for my new dentures and I am still suffering from depression over my teeth. It has been something that has been 6-7+ years in the making but I am just 32 years old and wear a denture. I know I will be sharing more about this in the future, but this is one of the things that has me feeling even worse for wear than I really should. I see myself in the mirror when I get ready for bed, and I do not want to come out of the bathroom.  I hate myself when it comes to this damn denture. Or more when I take it out. I hate how I look like the cartoon of old people with no teeth. I don’t want to take the denture out when I am around my husband because I don’t want him to see me like this. I know that he is due to have one place also, and I know he doesn’t care, just wants me health and happy. One day I hope to have a hybrid or snap in one that I never have to take out.  Watching Someone You Love Disappear. I know my mother loves me. I know that she appreciates everything that I do for her. BUT! I hate watching COPD take over her life. I hate watching this brilliant and energetic woman slowly disappear before my eyes. From the 6′ tall native american woman, with a heart full of adventure, to the woman that can barely move off the couch. I know that she will not be with us for long.  So What Do I Do To Overcome All Of This How do I pull myself up out of bed every morning? How do I get the courage to curl up in bed every night with my husband? So what do I do? First I remind myself that I am loved by my family. That all of them love and need me in their life.  My computer work is the next thing. I get on here and figure out something to do. Be it, working on the Odysseys Creations site, learning a new skill like I have over at *SkillShare (Get Two Months Free With This Link) Curling up in bed with a big cup of coffee and *Amazon Prime Video or even a book from *Kindle Unlimited.  And yes, I just plugged in three different affiliate links in a row. Simply because those are the three things that I believe in now.  I also have been enjoying my baths, its helped me a LOT in relaxing after dealing with a 5 year old’s tantrums and the teenage entitlement. They really are not that bad, but sometimes they get on my nerves.   So What About That Giveaway? I hope that you enjoyed this post, and haven’t just skipped down to this section for the giveaway. It’s been a while since I have done one, and here is what I will be doing this month. First thing that you have to do is be signed up for the Newsletter below. The second step is to comment down below.  WAIT what is this giveaway?  I will be select 2 winners for $25.00 Amazon Gift Cards!  Thanks For Reading! Don’t Have Time To Read This Article? ***At the end of every post I like to include this little bit of information for readers. Its my pinterest *** Would you like to save this article to pinterest for future reading? Pin me for later! Stay in touch with Odysseys With Love and receive weekly newsletters, enter for a chance to win the monthly giveaways, freebies, and so much more! I Want In Now! Opt in to receive news and updates. I Want In Now! Thank you! You have successfully joined our subscriber list. Head over to our Freebie Library now! The Password is OWL2018

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I Can Smile Again!

Since Odysseys With Love started, I have not been one to smile brightly at the camera, hesitant to get on camera myself, and haven’t really talked about what was going on with my smile. I noticed a lot of people didn’t ask me why this was. Maybe people never noticed thanks to my Imako fake teeth

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Good Bye Silhouette Cameo 3… Hello Cricut Maker

Earlier this year, my mother purchased the Silhouette Cameo 3 as a Christmas present for me. I have since fallen in love with crafting and slowly turning my creations into a career. But, there are a few things that I wanted to be able to do, that I just have not been able to do just yet.  I started to do a little more research into what all I wanted my machine to be able to do, and that is when I realized I REALLY needed to purchase the Cricut Maker. Why did I need the maker? A lot of what I want to do is only really doable with the Maker and the Maker’s Knife Blade.  What Can The Maker Do that the Silhouette Cameo Couldn’t? I had been wanted to create earrings with my old Cameo, but I just couldn’t get it to work. Either it would mess up my faux leather, or it just wouldn’t cut right at all. Since James is a carpenter, I knew that there would be times that I would like a decorative inlays in some of our designs. The Cameo just couldn’t do it.  I know later down the road I also would like to make my own purses and wallets, so the maker was looking REALLY good to me. I knew that it also had better pressure.  What did I do with the Cameo? I have been working with a fellow crafter pretty much since I got the silhouette and knew she was looking for a machine. The Silhouette would meet her needs also. So, I offered it to her first and she is learning it now. I am still going to be helping her out.  I know I have been bad about posting here, but this is what you can expect So what is changing here? We are gearing up for Spring and Summer travel, but I also want to share what I am learning with Odysseys Creations,  cut files, and more here.  Do You Have Any Tips For Me? The Cricut community is HUGE I know, so I ask you, do you have any tips to share with me and other readers? Thanks For Reading! Don’t Have Time To Read This Article? Would you like to save this article to pinterest for future reading? Pin me for later! Stay in touch with Odysseys With Love and receive weekly newsletters, enter for a chance to win the monthly giveaways, freebies, and so much more! I Want In Now! Opt in to receive news and updates. I Want In Now! Thank you! You have successfully joined our subscriber list. Head over to our Freebie Library now! The Password is OWL2018

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Hi! I'm Megan!

I am a photographer and writer behind Odysseys With Love. I am a Mother and Wife and enjoy sharing our everyday life journey. From our The Mesquite Texas Guide and Wandering In DFW to helping other bloggers work from home, I love what I do. 

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