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Our Favorite Skoolie Conversion Ideas on Pinterest

I have one pin on Pinterest that has been re-pinned hundreds of times. I get a notification that it has been pinned on someone else’s  boards all the time. I have tried searching to see who it belonged to but it is just a twitter feed with the hashtag #skoolie.

This had me thinking about all of the other Skoolie ideas that we have pinned on our board for Skoolie ideas. We also have another with RV Remodel ideas. I see a lot of different boards by those that I follow in the RV and Skoolie communities and I love the ideas that we are seeing.

We love the idea of wood veneer and outdoor carpet on this Skoolie Conversion. I wish we had been able to find the original owners pin, or the twitter account associated with it. But today we have our favorite Skoolie Conversion Ideas on PinterestWhy shouldn’t we share with you, our readers the ideas that we have loved, not just this one pin that we and 100’s of others have fallen in love with? I am attaching our Pinterest boards for both Skoolie and RV Remodels below for easy access for you, that way you’re not having to hop off here and head over to Pinterest. If you are the owner of one of my pins and it isn’t going to your website, like the one to the left here, I would love to update my pins with your information as some of them are not going to the original sites now. I love the images, but not all are going where they need to be.

I love Pinterest as it is an easy way to access and search for different things, and oh the ideas that we get for this. I think we will be doing a Skoolie, but there is always the possibility that we may gut an old RV.

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