Our Adventures To Ripley's Believe It or Not

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This post was originally posted back around summer, I am resubmitting it here now due to a website crash and losing all of my work from February 2018 – Around September 2018. When we headed down to Ripley’s Believe It Or Not, we were not planning on this trip. It was a spur of the moment trip that we all had so much fun with. I am so thankful that I didn’t delete the photos.
I always make sure to disclose that we are using affiliate links. We have a few affiliate Links that we will use in this blog post including  Get $51 Off the 5-Way Super Combo ticket to Ripley’s attractions in Grand Prairie, TX! When you use links like this, it helps keep Odysseys With Love going and its at no cost to you!

Looking For Adventure

The weekend we headed out the door not really knowing where we would end up at. We started to head out to the Fort Worth Stock Yards, but James told me to pull off on Beltline. At this point, I had a little clue as to where he was wanting us to go to. I haven’t been to Ripley’s since Skyler was 2-3 years old. Now being 13, it’s like going for the first time for her. Rhyan hasn’t been yet either so we were all excited.

The Mirror Maze

We didn’t do the 5-Way Super Combo ticket, but we did get the 3-Way Combo tickets. The first place we visited was  Ripley’s Marvelous Mirror Maze. It seems that the video I had our trip though this didn’t come out and so it was deleted and this was the only image I took while we were working our way through the maze.
Grand Prairie’s Ripley’s Attractions ARE BUSY on the weekend! But we were able to walk around pretty easily in the maze, but as a warning, both Skyler and Rhyan walked into one of the mirrors. They learned pretty fast to use caution and their gloved hands to keep it from happening again.
The music is kinda loud in there so if you have little ones with sensitive ears, use caution before using one of your tickets on this. Rhyan loved dancing around in there and just had a lot of fun. I think we spent more time in the Maze than the other attraction areas.

Palace Of Wax | My Favorite Area!

If you can not tell from the image at the top, I LOVE the Wax Museum part of this attraction. This is easily one area I could have spent a lot of time taking a LOT of images in, but I didn’t bring my *DSLR camera. Between James and I, we grabbed a lot of images.

Presidents and History

One other area of the Palace of Wax is The Presidental and Historical Wax Figures. I can’t find the video of all of the Presidents from when we first entered this area, but Ripley’s has all of our Presidents staged as you enter this area.
The next area after this was Historical figures, and it also includes the infamous Jesse James. Read more about the James Gang’s involvement in my hometown.

The Odditorium at Ripley’s Beleive It Or Not Grand Prairie TX

We all know the book! This is a family favorite area to explore. Just look at how Rhyan reacted to the worlds tallest man that stood up while she was standing next to him. Words of Wisdom. That mirror you see when you first come into the attraction. Don’t do silly faces unless you don’t mind that its a one-way mirror. People were knocking on the glass even though the sign said not to.
This area is also HUGE! It has all of the oddities that you could want to see but has an area where your kids can interact with the attraction too.  I didn’t get many photos from this area as my phone was starting to die and James apologizes as he forgot to keep taking photos.
There is also an area where you can walk through a lava pit, buy candy insects (yes, the real insects), one of those walk-through tubes that give you motion sickness. Get your shadow to stay on the wall in another area, and much more.
One thing we did not visit while we were there was the Haunted House attraction. I can not go in them, and Skyler didn’t want to this time either.

Have you visited any of the Ripley’s Attractions? Another cities Ripley’s?

Ripley’s has attractions all over and they are all fun to go to. Also, another great benefit of Ripley’s, Most of the attractions is indoors. All of Grand Prairies are inside. Let us know about your visit down in the comments below!

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Our Adventures To Ripley's Believe It or Not in Grand Prairie Texas. Are you looking for something to do indoors in or around the DFW area? Ripley's is always a family favorite!

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