Organizing Stock Photos With Lightroom

Opps. I did it again! I got a call two mornings ago that a client was in labor so, once again I missed a few days of my blogging challenge. Yesterday, my mind was fried and I couldn’t think so I just relaxed all day. But, I knew I have a lot of images to organize on my computer, so I worked on that and I found a new website for images also! So, when you have a lot of images to organize on your computer and you want to keep track of them, how do you do that?

Lightroom to the rescue! I really love how you can catalog all of your images with Lightroom. I have a few different catalogs that I use, My photography clients catalog has been one that I have had since I started Megan Nance Photography several years ago. But, I have had a stock photo catalog for a while now, but when I had them all together, it bogged down my computer, so I had to seperate everything into their own catalog. 

I know the video above isn’t perfect, but it gives you an idea of my Lightroom Catalog! But what are the features of lightroom that I love?

  • All of your images in one place!
  • Editing is fast and easy with presets!
  • You can look at the folder and pull up metadata about the image
  • You can Organize them however you need!
  • Easy to add more to your catalog
  • You know where you downloaded and when

This is just some of the reasons I love using lightroom to organize my photographic life! Do you use Lightroom or a different method to organize everything?


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