Organizing and Printing My Silhouette Files

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This past Christmas, I got something that I am VERY excited to own now. I have my own Silhouette Cameo 3 and I am still learning a lot about it. One thing that I have noticed is I hate that I can not easily print my cut files. So after searching all over the web, I figured something else out on my own. 
Not only am I able to print my cut files, but I am also able to upload them to a gallery that my clients and customers can browse on the web! This is making it EXTREMELY easy for me now. It may be a little extra work but in the end its easier than doing a screenshot of my Silhouette Studio screen. 

Lightroom to the rescue!

I am a member of the Creative Fabrica website and when I download an SVG file, not only do I get the SVG file, I also get a PNG of the same one. Since I also have Lightroom on my computer, I am also able to upload the PNG files to my computer. That is where the print module comes into play. 

Importing into Lightroom

With a new catalog created, I drag and drop all of my PNG files. I also make sure not to change the file names, as this is an important thing for searching Silhouette Studio later on. I then click on the import button and load all of my files into Lightroom.

Using The Print Module

If you are familiar with Lightroom, you know that Templates are on the left-hand side of the screen. I went with one of the contact pages. Then on the right-hand side, you are able to adjust the settings of the contact page. I made it where no margins were needed since I am using sheet protectors. I also adjusted the amount of columns and rows to fit quite a few designs on the page. I also made sure that the file name would also be printed on the contact sheets. 

Printing Your Designs

Instead of just hitting the print button, I used the Printer option instead to make a PDF of all my pages. I then printed from this page to make sure that I could print on both sides of one sheet. 

What If I don’t have the included PNG or its a Silhouette Store Design?

It may take some time, but you can save your designs as a JPEG and then import that file into Lightroom also. 

What About Uploading the designs to my new website?

This took a little bit of time to figure out. I didn’t want to upload EVERY single design to WooCommerce. I knew it would take forever! So I went to YouTube to learn what I needed to upload the Web Module to my website. Turns out it really isn’t that difficult. 

Again the templates are on the left-hand side of the screen and I am able to make a few adjustments to the layout of my gallery. When a customer or client clicks on a file, it opens it up larger and gives them the file name also. So how do I upload this webpage to my website? 
As long as you know your FTP settings, you can fill this in and also tell Lightroom where to put the end product. I have mine going to Designs and when you put it leads to all of my designs. 
Now, this may take a while to upload. I also redesigned the webpage to scroll after having pages. I also included my watermark so others can not screenshot or download the design easily. 

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