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Opal Lawrence Historical Park and Mesquite Legends

Every little city and town has their own Urban Legends, and Mesquite Texas is no different. Today, while going through my images I came across a file of images from an old website and blog I use to run that had the tour of Mesquite images from interesting locations. The images that interested me the most were the ones from Opal Lawrence Historical Park

I remember growing up hearing about Frank and Jesse James visiting this location and using it as a hideout from the law. But more on this urban legend in a moment. 

Where is Opal Larence Historical Park?

Near Old Mesquite at 701 E. Kerney St. you will find the historical park. This park doesn’t just hold the Opal Lawrence homestead, but several other homes and building restored or being restored to their former glory. I have included the Google Map for you to learn where it is also. 

The James Gang Legend!

The Urban Legend of the James Gang being here in Mesquite Texas specifically at the Opal Lawrence Homestead was that they used the home as a hideout from the law. Using the tower section as a lookout. 

This legend is disputed by the Lawrence family, but the legend is continued to say that Frank and Jesse James left a white horse as a gift for the Lawrence’s. 

Have You Visited My Home Town of Mesquite Texas

If you are planning a trip to the DFW area and you are interested in seeing historical places like Opal Lawrence Historical Park, this is a beautiful location to do so.  Do you know of any other legends of Mesquite Texas?

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Opal Lawrence Historical Park and Mesquite Legends. Mesquite Texas Travel Guide

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