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Several months ago, I found out about *The Secret, and about the Law of Attraction. I started to look up ways to achieve my dreams. One of the ways was by creating vision boards. I have two that I use all the time now. My Physical Vision Board that is right above my computer desk where I am able to see it every day.
My second Vision Board is actually on my Pinterest Account. It is still rather new and something that I will add to every day as I manifest my dreams into reality.

My Physical Vision Board

The first vision board is my physical vision board. It is a cork board that I used to pin different items I am envisioning in my life. Things from my monthly income from this website to reaching 100K Instagram Followers.
I used both words, photos, and graphics that I created. Places I want to see and the home I want to live it. It has a lot saying about the lottery.

Using Pinterest To Create A Vision Board

You know, Pinterest has become one of my favorite platforms for just about anything here lately. I have over 40 boards created, plus my secret ones. I started to make a Vision Board secret until I realized I need to get my vision board out in the universe and expand my reach. I thought about creating sections, but I want my vision board easily viewable in one space. I am creating a custom pin and finding others pins that I want to use to manifest my dreams. I use the description to write what it is I want as if I already have it. I also created the customs check below written out to myself for the dream I keep having of winning this lottery.

Want To Download your own blank check? Just click on the image above to get a copy!

What is On My Digital Vision Board?

Everything that I know is happening right now. I am having fun with this and adding things every day to it now.
[pin_board url=”” size=”custom” image_width=”100″ board_width=”900″ board_height=”450″]

Do You Use Vision Boards?

If you use vision boards digitally like I am, drop a link to it, I would love to follow and see what dreams you are working on. If not, share where we can see a photo of your physical board. 

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My Vision Boards | The Law Of Attraction. What is on my vision boards, how I make my vision boards, and different types of vision boards. Live your life with intention

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