My Addiction To Yachts

My husband would say I have a very strange addiction to yachts here lately. I started to do research on them a while back because they really did interest me, and that interest keeps going. I follow a few yachts on Instagram, one even has its own youtube channel, but I follow a deckhand and a captain also. 

I honestly don’t know why I am addicted to yachts right now, but I do have an addiction to yachts and yachting. I love Planet Nine, and following Jared Watney. I also love and can’t wait to follow M/Y Nature by Sinot after it goes into production. 

Jared has let us in on what it is like living and working on M/Y Arience. I followed while they were crossing and have really enjoyed watching them. 

Super Yacht Captain

One of the other channels I watch is the Super Yacht Captain Channel. Awol is a beautiful yacht and I love watching his channel since I can see how life is like as a captain. 

My Addiction To Super Yachts With M/Y Nature

As you can see M/Y Nature is still just a concept yacht, but I have a lot of love for this one. I have read where this one should be built between 2020-2030, but as it is still just a concept, it may never come to life, but I can say when I have enough money this is the yacht that I want. 

Do You Have An Addiction To Something?

Do you have an addiction to something like this? I want to know down in the comments. 


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