Making My Own Netflix With Plex

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This is another post that I wrote a few months ago that was lost in the website crash, and in all honesty, I am not that interested in writing about Plex again. Why? Digital Media is getting harder to source, and paying to rip movies that I already own to my computer and then over to my external hard drive, just did not make sense to me.
If anyone knows of a way to source movies legally, please let me know down in the comment section below. Plex was great as a platform for my movies and TV shows, it just isn’t what we need as a family right now.

So What Are We Doing Instead?

Since James has his xBox in our bedroom, and a little DVD player in the living room, we are still buying regular DVD’s as we can. These are all stored on a shelf in our bedroom or in a CD case for the time being. I honestly don’t think its right that you purchase digital versions of movies, and it is only good for the platform you purchased it on.
Example of this is the movies I purchased on Amazon. Those movies are only playable through Amazons services. I can not download these to my computer and set them up on Plex.
So is it worth the hassle? No, not really at least not right now as it creates a lot of work, and truthfully, riping movies and tv shows to my computer take a LOT of time.
Time I would rather be spending with my family and going on adventures in and around my hometown.
It it becomes a little easier, I would love to create a huge media server on my own computer again and since Plex is so easy to set up, It makes it even easier to watch and view my own movies.

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With the price of Streaming Services, making my own "Netflix" with Plex was the next step for our family to consolidate our movies and more in one place.
With the price of Streaming Services, making my own "Netflix" with Plex was the next step for our family to consolidate our movies and more in one place.

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