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Back in November, I wrote the post, His Love Language is Physical Touch and shared 50 ideas for the physical touch partner. Today, I am going to share ideas for the partner whos love language is Acts of Service. This is my love language, and James comes by speaking this easily. He seems to do something small every day at least that speaks to me in this way letting me know that he does love me.

So What is the Love Language, Acts of Service?

If you head over to the 5 Love Languages website, you will see that this love language is for those people who actions speak louder than words.  This is doing things that your partner would like you to do. You seek to please them by serving them. Expressing your love by doing things for your partner. This love language literally means being in service to your partner. Actions that require thought, planning, time, effort and energy done in a positive light, all express love. It is the simple things that mean the most to the person whose love language is Acts of Service. The video below explains it pretty well.

78 Ideas for the Acts of Service Partner

  1. Ask “How can I help?”
  2. Ask “How can I make it better?”
  3. Ask if they need you to pick anything up on the way home.
  4. Ask their advice and follow it.
  5. Bathe and groom the dog.
  6. Bring their car for an oil change.
  7. Bring them dinner if they have to work late.
  8. Bring them lemonade or ice water when they’re doing yard work.
  9. Bring treats to their office.
  10. Clean the cat litter box.
  11. Clean their computer monitor.
  12. Change the lightbulbs in all the lamps.
  13. Draw them a bubble bath.
  14. Do a home improvement project they have hinted at.
  15. Do the one thing they have been bugging you to do before they have to bug you again.
  16. Do their least favorite chore for them.
  17. Do something they forgot.
  18. Doing the dishes
  19. Doing the laundry
  20. Doing things without being asked.
  21. Fill up their car with gas.
  22. Fixing things around the house.
  23. Fold all the socks in their sock drawer.
  24. Frame their favorite quote.
  25. Give them a pedicure.
  26. Give them uninterrupted video game time or time to watch a sporting event.
  27. Go to the museum or exhibit they have been dying to see.
  28. Have dinner ready when they get home.
  29. Help them clean out the garage.
  30. Helping them with a project.
  31. Hire a maid for the day, or better yet, clean the whole house top to bottom.
  32. Hold the doors open.
  33. Let them choose the movie.
  34. Let them sleep in.
  35. Look for opportunities to serve them.
  36. Make a list of the things they have requested or mentioned needed to be done. Then make it a point to do one once a week or so.
  37. Make a special dessert for them.
  38. Make lunch for them the next day.
  39. Make the bed.
  40. Make them a cup of coffee or tea.
  41. Make them breakfast.
  42. Make them breakfast in bed.
  43. Mow the lawn.
  44. Offer to give them a back rub.
  45. Offer to give them a foot massage.
  46. Offer to wash their hair for them.
  47. Organize a surprise party for their birthday.
  48. Pamper them.
  49. Pick up a bottle of their favorite wine or case of their favorite beer.
  50. Pick up a small trinket they would like but wouldn’t buy for themselves.
  51. Plan a weekend getaway where they have to do nothing but enjoy.
  52. Plug in their phone if they forgot.
  53. Print and frame their favorite photo.
  54. Put love notes in their lunch.
  55. Put the kids to bed.
  56. Rake the leaves.
  57. Run their errands so they can rest.
  58. Sacrificing what you want to do for them.
  59. Say “Can I help you with that, honey?” and then do it.
  60. Send them flowers at work.
  61. Shine their shoes.
  62. Shovel the snow without being asked.
  63. Subscribe them to a magazine they may like.
  64. Surprise them at work with their favorite coffee drink.
  65. Surprise them with a bonfire and s’mores.
  66. Surprise them with their favorite treat.
  67. Treat them to a night at a hotel.
  68. Their Choice, ask them to write down the things they would like done, and then work on getting these things done.
  69. Warm their towel in the dryer after their shower.
  70. Wash their car.
  71. Wash their favorite coffee mug.
  72. Water the plants for them.
  73. Take care of the kids for one whole night.
  74. Take out the trash without being asked.
  75. Take the dog for a walk.
  76. Thank them for the acts of service they do for you.
  77. Untangle a mess or cords.
  78. Visit them with their favorite lunch.

Love Languages 78 ideas to show your acts of service partner love Love Languages 78 ideas to show your acts of service partner love


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