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Last year, the art institute had an assignment where we had to go out and photograph a local business and their products. I knew that I wanted to go out to the local wings place that is a hidden gem right outside of Dallas but has the best hot wings in all of DFW. Seriously you will not find a better wing than that at Phat Wings.
Phat Wings Mesquite Texas_If you get a chance to meet one of the owners Darnell, make sure you let him know that we sent you. Then, thank Darnell for his service as he is a Marine and proud Veteran. Every time that we have been into Phat Wings, we always see Darnell. I honestly don’t think the man even takes a break. He is personal with every guest that comes through the door and I am not kidding you when you taste his wings, you know why we keep coming back.
Phat Wings offers three types of wings. The Classic, Boneless, and then the PHAT Wing. You then have your choice of Sauce or Rubs. Our family LOVES the Sweet & Sticky Glaze and the Honey BBQ. Last time we tried the Craving Creole and Skyler went to town on these. I am not brave enough to try any of the hotter wings, but after talking to other guests in the restaurant, they are to die for.
My favorite side has to be the Loaded Fries, cheese, bacon, jalapenos, and sour cream. Can we say bacon! The girls always ask for his Mac-N-Cheese, we have to get it. The matriarch of our family, Billie wants to steal his recipe for the St. Louis style baked beans.

If you’re not going to sit and wait for your order and eat in, then call ahead with your order. Check out Phat Wings Online and give them a call at (972)279-1368


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