It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas

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If you walked into my living room over the past weekend, you would have thought a fairy exploded in there. We had that much glitter all over everything. That is when you know it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas in our household.

This Christmas will be James and my first Christmas together. So we are slowly adding new things to our Christmas Decorations and adding his decoration in with mine. We purchased all new poinsettias this year because the ones that we did have were falling apart. Most of my decorations with the exception of the large wreath, we have collected over the last 40 years and more with a few ornaments on the tree. I made the large wreath a few years ago, but most of the decorations on it were ruined in our attic over the last year.

Decorations From Years Past

We have decorations from 40+ years ago, including my parent’s wedding bells. We have a lot more that we don’t hang on the tree, and a few, the photos didn’t turn out. My father’s favorite things were the Santa’s and his village that we display on our mantle. We have also had a “Elf on the Shelf” for years before the Elf on the Shelf below was a thing.

Shiney and New

One tradition for our house is that we purchase a new ornament every year. We are changing that a little this year as we purchased only one for James and I. The girls also get one new one every year.

Artificial to Live Tree

We have been trying to save for a Balsam Hill Tree for the last few years but something always seems to stop us from getting one. We have had an artificial the last three years and somehow I lost the middle section of our tree! How I have no idea how I did it. James has his “Bachelor’s” tree that was a four-foot tree that we are now using in the office window.
Off to Lowes, we went! I found a 6-7 foot Noble Fir tree for $50.00, plus on Black Friday, they had a deal for a fresh cut tree where we would get a $10.00 rebate. I originally picked up colored lights, but after telling my mom that I found blue lights, I went back and returned them to get the blue.
It took us all weekend and a lot of frustration to actually finish putting the tree up and decorating it. I did end up putting icicles on the tree after picking up a few of the presents at Walmart yesterday. 

Latest News!

Did you see the newsletter or our Instagram post? I said YES! Well, you knew that we were planning our Commitment and Promises to each other for Christmas Morning, but as we were going through the packages that arrived Sunday, and I promised James not to peak at what he got for me, he got down on his knee and asked me to spend the rest of our lives together.


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