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That is a bold statement. I haven’t been a good wife. At least when it comes to his love language. I have struggled with his love language for a while now and it isn’t his fault. When it comes to James, the way he knows I love him is by physical touch. So, if I have not been showing him physical attention lately how does he know that I love him?

I pester him every five minutes with “I Love You.” It gets on his nerves, but I am a mixture of acts of service and words of affirmation. I show it by doing the things that I feel show I love him, but they don’t always read that way to him. So again I have been looking into things to show him I love him. 

His Love Language is Physical Touch

If you want to read ideas for your Physical Touch Partner, you need to go back and read my blog post on that here. I have a huge list of ideas for you on that. BUT, I have not been doing any of these with him lately. It isn’t just my sex drive took a nosedive for a while there, I had been kinda holding up a lot of stuff inside and it started to drain myself. So how do you fill your cup at the same time as filling everyone else’s? That is what I want to explore here today. 

I went back and re-read the love language post. I know the ideas, and I started to try and put them into practice. I have also tried to make sure I am touching him at night as we fall asleep. Not alway easy when it’s warm… I have also tried to take showers with him more often and offer to wash his back. I am trying to give him more back rubs. 

But, the biggest thing I have been trying to do is touch him when I walk into the same room as him. I rub his head. I love his bald head truthfully. It looks good on him. I also try to play with his beard, another thing I love about him. 

When He has Physical Touch As A Love Language, its not always about Sex

Just remembering to show him affection, a hug, kiss, touch here and there shouldn’t be so hard. I am getting better about it, as I work on filling my own cup and keeping a positive mind myself. I have started a Law Of Attraction Journal that I will write about soon, but since I haven’t written much about love language lately, this is something I wanted to write about. It also reminds myself to be physical with my husband more often. 

What Are Your Tips for Physical Touch Love Language Partners?

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