I Can Smile Again!

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Since Odysseys With Love started, I have not been one to smile brightly at the camera, hesitant to get on camera myself, and haven’t really talked about what was going on with my smile. I noticed a lot of people didn’t ask me why this was. Maybe people never noticed thanks to my Imako fake teeth. I am not really that sure what happened with that. But atlast, something happened last week that I shared on Instagram as it was happening. 
Now I want to share it here also. I CAN SMILE AGAIN! I started something I really didn’t want to start, but I had to. I went to Affordable Dentures in Mesquite Texas to visit with Dr. Blair. I am now the proud owner of a denture. I don’t know if I will keep talking about my Denture Adventure here on Odysseys With Love, or if I will start a denture and mouth health blog and YouTube account or not yet. I am considering it. But, I already have this platform here. I can have just a Denture series on both of those platforms. Really if your interested in learning more about my denture story, and don’t mind reading it here, or should I start something new? Let me know down in the comments. 

My Denture Story Starts When I Was A Child

You know those dental visits as a child? I do. I was ALWAYS in the dentist office, more specifically, Dr. Olsen from Natural Dentistry Of North Texas.  I love Dr. Olsen and remember him coming into his office in the middle of the night to fix a tooth that hadn’t stopped hurting all night after having work done on it. I know I was young and I don’t remember the details of that visit. 
He had done so much to save my teeth then, but as I got older and had Skyler, My teeth deteriorated rapidly. I no longer had dental insurance, and let’s be honest here. Dental insurance doesn’t cover much nowadays. I went to see him to have a few teeth removed as I could afford it. 

Age 26, and Planning For A Denture

At 26 year of age, I went to what was then Baylor College of Dentistry. Not only was I accused of doing heavy drugs, but I was treated poorly by the students until a teacher came by and noticed my mouth, we talked and I told her my dental history, and that I was about to become a police office, that the most I had ever done was try pot. 
That is when she diagnosed my condition. Amelogenesis imperfecta, an inherited disorder, results in the defective formation of tooth enamel, the hard surface covering tooth crowns. Amelogenesis imperfecta either causes problems in enamel hardening (mineralization) of normal amounts of enamel, or causes less than normal enamel production (Source). Time to get them out. 

The First Extraction in Preparation For Denture

Two weeks after that consultation, I went in and had my top back teeth removed. I kept the front Six at that time. I planned to go back but then, well life happened.

6 Year Later

Yes, SIX whole years later, maybe even seven. That is how long it took for me to get back in a dental chair. This time I went to visit Dr. Blair at Affordable Denture. I had too. My teeth were constantly infected, broken beyond repair. I only had two teeth left uptop. The other 4 broke off. I was in constant pain. In the past I had people tell me I should have taken care of them. HOW? When they broke off anyways? I went to the dentist. 
Dr. Blair was in my mouth for about 10-15 minutes and my teeth and roots were removed. I walked out of his office with my immediate denture. I couldn’t smile that big just yet, try as I might. But I did get you a before and after photo. 


One Week Out

I’ve now had my denture for a whole week. It’s been a painful week and I am still learning. I don’t hurt anymore, I can now smile as I want. And I am slowly eating more with the denture. I have lost a total of 5 lbs. I will update you all if I move my denture story over to a new blog, or if I will keep it here. Still write a comment below if this is something you would be interested in reading. 

Thanks For Reading!

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I Can Smile Again, My Denture Store and How I Got Here? At 26 Year Old I Started My Denture Story

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