I Am A Band Mom. My Clarinetist.

I never thought I would say this, but I am a band mom. My daughter Skyler is a Clarinetist and she is loving it. I have also realized that I don’t feature her enough on here and on Instagram and I feel really bad about that. I can’t wait to start showcasing her more as I have a few ideas to show her how proud of her I am… But Why am I so proud to be a band mom and so proud of my clarinetist?

It’s really easy. At the end of last school year, Skyler was in the last few chairs in her class, but she showed determination and dedication to this craft over the summer and I have to say it has paid off.  Skyler has been in First Chair for almost all of this school year so far, and her teacher approached us that Skyler was much more advanced than the rest of her class and would highly benefit from private lessons. We have had two of those so far, and I can see even more of an improvement from her in these two weeks. 

But a few weeks ago, we did go see her entire band play at the Mesquite ISD Band Night! This featured all five high schools, and 9 middle school bands. It was a great fun night for the whole family. I am so proud to call myself a band mom now because I can see Skyler doing this for the long hall. I can’t wait to see where she goes with this. 

I am going to be talking to her about doing more videos of her playing and getting her comfortable playing her clarinet. So be on the lookout when we go live with these videos. 


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