How To Update Old Posts On Your Blog (Bonus Video)

Since the beginning of the year, I have been working on updating the website in design and so much more. So I started to look into how to update  old posts and keep them relevant. I also wanted to see how to repost my blog post but also keep the original URL information in it. So today, I wanted to tell you how I went about doing this. 

I noticed when I started to work in the Site Kit WordPress plugin, that I have some old posts that are popular still and want to keep those fresh and relevant. There is a couple of ways I could do that. Take for instance last year we went to the Ollie’s in Mesquite, Texas and I posted a review of it here. It is one of the most popular post search terms on google, and I get quite a few clicks on it. So how do I go about capitalizing on this?

Why Should You Update Old Post

The biggest reason I go back into my archive of old posts on Odysseys With Love is to check for broken links. I recently downloaded the Rank Math plugin and I found a BUNCH of 404 errors. I have a lot to do to fix all of these. 

As I do reviews of local businesses in Mesquite, Texas I sometimes have to update these posts because something has changed. Sometimes after returning to a location, I have a really bad experience and I share that within the original post, I sometimes will also write a brand new blog post and link them together and share the new post in the old one, or even link the old one in the new post. 

As I am also in the middle of a design change, and since I have also upgraded to Elementor, I sometimes have to go into old post and fix them to match the new design. When I first started Odysseys With Love, I used the WordPress editor and those post look horrible. I have to go into those and update them. 

Methods To Updating Old Post

There are a lot of different methods for updating old posts. Some are better than others in different situations. You really need to look at the post in question and figure out the best method for keeping relevant and new information within these posts, how it should be updated, and more. 

 Just Deleting The Old Post

I really don’t like deleting the post. The only way I would delete the post is if it does not go with the direction that Odysseys With Love is going PLUS I have to have no real viewership of the post in question

Simple Updates For Old Post

There have been a few times that I found broken links in a post that needs to be updated. Other times, I need to update the graphics for the post in question.  These are simple updates for the old post and are finished in just a few minutes. 

A Complete Update For Old Post

I started to look into how to update my old post and keep them relevant.and how to repost my blog post but also keep the original URL information in it.

Some of my first posts HAVE to be completely updated. When I first started blogging, I didn’t have the beautiful editor called Elementor, so I was not able to have full control over the blog, I also didn’t have a clue as to what I was doing back then. Most of the information in those post are great, but broken links, graphics, and design have to be updated. These updates take me a little longer to perform. 

An Update For Old Post By Reposting Blog Post

I had no idea how to do this, to begin with. I had to do some research to do my first update for an old post by reposting one of my posts. My “Ollie’s In Mesquite Texas post was one I knew I wanted to repost. I will show you how I did this down below as you can see that post is now right behind this one in the blog feed. 

Updating Old Post By Making A New Post

Sometimes the best thing to do, and helps with SEO, is creating a new post and linking them together within the post. This takes more time than a simple update and sometimes you don’t want the post at the start of your blog feed. 

How To Show That You Updated an Old Post?

So how do you show that you updated a post? I found a few ways to go about doing this here on Odysseys With Love with a little customization! I love my plugins as long as they do not slow down the site! 

With A Quick Note In Your Post

At the beginning of all of my posts, I have post information that shows you the date the blog post was published to Odysseys With Love, along with some other information. When I first started updating post this year, and in the past, I would just include the message:

******** This Post Was Updated On [Such and Such Date] ********

******** This Post Was Originally Posted On [Such and Such Date] ********

If I published a more relevant post later one, I would include the message:

******* Awesome Blog Post Title was Published On [Such and Such Date] Head There Now******

Since I have a customization plugin for post information, like the Pinterest Images Below! I have now made this so much easier on myself with a few clicks of a button in the WordPress editor. Watch the video below for more information about that! 

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Useful Links For Updating Your Old Post

Advanced Custom Fields

Elementor Pro


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I started to look into how to update my old post and keep them relevant.and how to repost my blog post but also keep the original URL information in it.
I started to look into how to update my old post and keep them relevant.and how to repost my blog post but also keep the original URL information in it.
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