How Do I Print For Free Using HP Instant Ink?

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A while back, my printer went out on me, and I traveled up to Office Max with the intention of buying another epson printer. I saw that HP had a sale going on and they were promoting HP Instant Ink subscription model of purchasing ink. See, I would print my own pictures (even though I highly recommend going through your photographer to get pro level lab images printed) but now I don’t do that as much. I print a lot of free downloads and blogging stuff, My Cricut designs, ect. 

So, off i went with several months of free printing and with other promo codes, I got even more. Now, since I have given a few friends and readers my code, I get a free months of printing and they do too! 

How To Print For Free Using HP Instant Ink

So What Do You Do To Print For Free Using Instant Ink?

The HP Instant Ink Printers don’t cost too much, that is the first thing you will need. Pick one up at any store that sells Instant Ink compatible printers. Amazon also carries them. 

Next thing you need to do is sign up using my referral code. or just entering zHNNL. After that, look in the box as most new printers will have 4 free months of printing out of the box. So there you have at least 5 months of free printing. Also try to find other promo codes out there. One of them is FREEINK  at least at this time. Now you have 6 free months of printing! 

Make sure you sign up at the highest level that you can during signup. I almost signed up at the 50 pages a month. I noticed it was still $0.00 due at signup when selecting 300 pages per month! That is 1800 pages printed for FREE! 

How To Keep Printing For Free?

Now how do I keep printing for free? I share my referral code! Every account has one! It is on your accounts home screen! Share your code with all of your friends! It is on your accounts home screen! Share your code with all of

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How Do I Print For Free Using HP Instant Ink.
How Do I Print For Free Using HP Instant Ink.
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