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I woke up feeling like crud this morning, but I knew I would be getting stuff done, including working on my Law of Attractions stuff. But I really wanted to make a new background for my computer to help with getting stuff done and help with the law of attraction for me. So off to photoshop I went. I also downloaded a lot of images to my computer to work on this. I knew kinda what I wanted my new background to look like.
You may have seen where I did my new Vision board a while back and that I actually had something from the board manifest into my life. I finally got a smile I can be proud of. I had that check off. but I don’t always look up at my wall, so I knew i needed something that I would see every day. So a desktop background was now in order. 

How To Make A Vision Board Digitally | Getting Stuff Done and The Law of Attraction

First figure out what size your desktop background is and either create a photoshop file in that size or head over to canva and create a new document there with those dimensions. I also knew I had a few desktop items and folders that I need on there and I created a white space for those. This did take some trial and error to make it in the right space.
I then headed over to my pinterest account to look up images of things that I wanted to add to the other space. I did the main background in purple, well because it is my favorite color. I got the images from there to add to my desktop background.
The best part of working with photoshop is I can just copy the images from the web and paste them onto my photoshop file. I also looked up what the Texas Lottery Check looks like to add it to my board. I had the image of the computer and mic from IvoryMix where I get a lot of my images for the blog, and included the front page of this blog. I found a yacht concept that James and I both agree on and the RV we both love. I had to include the Four Seasons Private Residences in Orlando on this as well as their jet.
Money is another thing that I needed to include on this, as its not just the lottery I am manifesting but income for my job and blog. The camera is for work also, and the camera and world map is for travel. Travel is also on their in a world map along with image of places I want to see in the Travel The World quote. The purse, coffee machine, car, and so much more is there also.
Weight Loss, this is a big one not only for myself but for my family. Weight loss for my daughter, If I lose it, she can too. 

I Am Finally Back In The Photography Game!

I haven’t put much effort into my photography in a long time, I stopped that and started to market myself again. I created new cards, did a maternity, shoot, and now I am editing images. I have them almost finished, but want to come back tomorrow to make sure they are just what I want. Do you live near DFW and need a new session or personal branding for your own blog? Head over to Odysseys Studio

Updating Odysseys Studio

I uploaded a few new images this morning to Odysseys Studio as well as editing my last session. I have just finished a complete overhaul on the website and I couldn’t be happier!
Odysseys Studio is really starting to stand out now!

Getting Stuff Done | Even When You Are Sick

I hate being sick, and I am sitting here getting ready to wrap this post up, sometimes, you just can’t get your whole list of things done, but I sure am going to try to. I am going to be posting again soon to instagram for business and for the blog. I can’t wait to get back into the hang of things after this blows past me.
I am physically sick, but I have been depressed too. It sucks, but I am still pushing things out one way or another.


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