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From YouTube To Podcast? What Direction Are We Heading?

I haven’t been active on Youtube lately and started to think of a way to get us back on there, but with how uncomfortable I am on camera, I starting to think of different things that I can do. I noticed a few other YouTubers do something a little different. Thats where Podcast come in for us. 

Since I am a Skillshare user, I wanted to learn something new, and that is where I noticed a class on podcasting. I am not ready to launch my pilot episode, but wanted to let everyone know what we are planning to do. Want to get two free months of Skillshare for free? Join using my link https://skl.sh/2Bzu5Qw 

Why am I considering Podcasting?

One of the classes that I am taking on it right now, stated that it was a good time to get into it, and well why not? I hate being on camera myself, but I have always been able to talk to a fence post, why not talk to my computer? I have all of the programs on my computer to make the podcast, and when I head out of the house I can capture video of the locations I am at and never have to show my face. 

Also the audio from the podcast can be uploaded here as part of the blog. I still plan doing what I have been doing so far, but this is just a branch of Odysseys With Love. 

What are the podcast about?

Well, first Odysseys With Love was a travel blog, but we stick mostly around the DFW area. I will be doing podcast about our adventures in DFW. When we head outside of DFW, I will still do a podcast on those adventures, but they will mainly revolve around DFW and things to do, stories we hear and much more. 

I want to interview business owners and venues and just expand what I can’t do with just video. With a podcast, I believe that I can really expand on what I shoot video of. The research I will be doing for each episode will fill in a lot of information about the places we visit. 

What Is going to happen to our YouTube?

YouTube will still be there, but it is going to change from just clips about our adventure, see the podcast audio will be overlaid over the video, and sometimes, IF I ever get comfortable with the camera I may have the actual video of our podcast like several other youtubers do. But for now I am going to stay behind the camera when making these clips. Yes, my kids will still be part of the videos, IF they are comfortable with it. But music and the audio from the podcast will be used. 

I may not have as many YouTube videos as I do podcast as not all podcast will have a corresponding video, but most will as I go out and do the video. The same thing will go for blog post here. Not all of them will appear here other than a list of our podcast. 

Do You Have A Podcast?

If you have a podcast and would like to have us follow you, leave a link down  below. I will update this post as soon as our first episode airs. 

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Why am I considering podcast when I already have youtube as a platform?

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