Our Favorite Full-Time RVers Youtube Channels

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Shortly after James and I meet, we started to talk about RVing, and one-day becoming full-time RVers. I had already started to follow a few YouTubers before James and I met, but the more we talked about our desire to go tiny one day and looking into the different types of tiny living, we knew that RVing would be our best option. So, what are our favorite Full-Time RVers YouTube Channels? We have a lot of them, but we are listing our five of them that we watch all the time.

our five favorite full-time rvers youtube channels

What is Full-Time RVing?

Before we get into who our favorite YouTubers are, we wanted to ask what is Full-Time RVing? Everyone is going to answer this differently. To us, it is downsizing to an RV and living on the road while either enjoying RV parks or boondocking at different places as we explore the US and Canada, and maybe even Mexico and more. If we can drive there, we can live there in our RV. It is raising the kids to explore our surroundings and learn from doing rather than sitting in a classroom. We have looked into Class C’s, Travel Trailers, 5th Wheels, and Class A motorhomes, and we are still deciding what would be our best option when we do get our RV. We want to share with our readers and followers our travels and who knows maybe show them something they have never seen or teach them something new. Full-Time RVing is about becoming a closer family and building upon that. It is Wanderlust. It is the adventure. It is travel.

Keep Your Daydream

Tricia & Marc from Keep Your Daydream

Keep Your Daydream‘s Hilarious RV Tour was actually the first video we happened upon when we first started our research. Since we found their YouTube Channel, we have followed them and really enjoy their videos. We have learned so much from them about all aspects of RVing and living full-time. Marc and Tricia has an RV Living How To Videos that has been great to watch to see what we are getting into and will be VERY helpful when we do get on the road.

Less Junk, More Journey

Marissa, Nathan, and Hensley from Less Junk, More Journey

After finding Keep Your Daydream, we found Less Junk, More Journey and we fell in love again with another Full-Time RVing Family. Not only are they showing that you can live in an airstream as a family, but have living in a Class A, 5th Wheel, and now their airstream! They also have a great resources page for the things that RVers need. Just following Hensley as she grows is going to be an adventure for us and her pink boots are too cute! My favorite thing is seeing all of the locations that they spend time at!


His and Hers Alaska

Ben & Rebecca from His & Hers Alaska

Unlike their name implies, they do not just cover Alaska, but all over the globe. Their scenery shots in their videos are beautiful and the discussion part of their videos are always informational. The information they put out has helped us learn so much and I can’t say it enough, the scenery shots are stunning. In a recent video, they did talk about how their rig is not set up for four season traveling, and they are winterizing their rig for the winter. Please send prayers for them as Shelby, their pup, is sick.

Drivin’ & Vibin’

Olivia, Kyle and River from Drivin’ & Vibin’

Boondocking your thing? Following Drivin’ & Vibin’ is our go-to for looking into free and cheap camping spots. Olivia and Kyle also host question and answer sessions that we love watching. In the video posted above, they talk about how they make money on the road and are very open about their source of income. A few of these methods are what we are attempting to do here now too. Amazon Affiliates is one thing we have launched here from the very beginning. If you click this link, Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial, we do receive a small commission if you purchase anything on Amazon within 24 hours, or if you add it to your cart, the time frame increases.

The Motorhome Experiment

Paul and Lorena Charron from The Motorhome Experiment

The Motorhome Experiment is a great channel to watch to find new places and things to do to add to our bucket list. The information they put out is really incredible. When we went to Padre Island National Seashore, I actually found out about cheap or free camping from their channel. After a little research about beaches that we could tent camp, we headed down there. So thanks, Paul and Lorena, for letting us know about the free or cheap camping!

Your Turn!

Do you have any other YouTubers we should be watching? Leave us a suggestion down below!

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