How We Earn Money With Swagbucks.

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I love using swagbucks to earn money from doing task that only take a few minutes each day and then letting a few other things happen as they happen. I would also love to build a team of others who love earning money and learning even more about it.

If you use the link above or click the photo, it will take you to the registration for Swagbucks. It will take you through a short intro into using the site and how to earn what they call SB.

1 SB equals 0.01 in real money. Each task on the site will range in amounts where you can earn a bit of money. So far since I joined I have earned $90.00. That is more money in my pocket than I would have had before using the site.

Easy ways to earn on Swagbucks

  • The Daily Poll – This is only 1SB that is an easy earning since you can get it every day. IF you do it daily, you will have $3.65 by the end of the year.
  • The “To Do List” –  The Daily Poll is the First one on there, so you have already completed the first task for your To Do List. If you complete them all, you will earn 4SB on top of what you have already earned that day. That is again $14.60 that you didn’t have before.
  • Search and Earn – We all search the internet at different times for different reasons. I have set my computer to search automatically to search using their search engine. What does this do? Once in a while, you will earn SB with it. I have earned up-to 100SB this way. Now, you won’t earn SB each time you search, but the more you search the better your chance to earn this way.
  • Download the App – I have the app on my cell phone also. Why? I want to be notified when they have codes to earn SB. Sometimes these are on their Facebook page, other times they are hidden on their website. I have earned around 3-4SB a day using these codes.
  • The Daily Goal – On the top of the website you will see you have a daily goal. There are a blue and a red goal each for different amounts. I try to get my blue goal daily. If I can, I also try for my red goal. If you do this daily you can earn bonuses.

Swagbuck Crash Course

 Want to learn how to Make Money using Swagbucks? Head on over to the blog to learn how we are earning money and free giftcards for doing a few things each dayWant to learn how to Make Money using Swagbucks? Head on over to the blog to learn how we are earning money and free giftcards for doing a few things each day

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