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With the exception of James, my family is not early morning risers. Unless Rhyan decides that she, in fact, does want to wake up early. That means that EVERYONE wakes up early. This is something that I have been battling since Rhyan could get out of her own bed. It isn’t an everyday thing, but it happens too often. Most morning, I prefer to wake up and get at least half a cup of coffee before I hear any other voice around me.

This morning was a battle. Rhyan chose to wake up an hour before it was time for me to get ready for the day. I am curled up in my warm bed, getting my much-needed sleep. I went to bed late as I was working and researching our next trip. She came into James and my bedroom talking loudly. “Mommy, I need something!” “It’s time to wake up mommy!” “Mommy, wake up!” After telling her many times to go back to her room and back to bed, or watch TV, something. Anything. This didn’t happen I was up, walking to the coffee pot, to try and make sense of my world.

Early Morning Risers Help

One morning, while reading through my facebook timeline, I saw the help I needed. The Mella: All-In-One Clock. Mella is a sleep trainer for children. I had to click on the link. I have been too excited about this product since reading about it.

Little Hippo has launched their Kickstarter Campaign, and are looking for backers but they have been funded!

So what exactly is Mella?

Early Morning Risers

It is an all-in-one children’s clock. The sleep trainer part of the clock helps to teach your child when it is time to go to bed and a gentle child-friendly way to start the day.

Rhyan has to have background noise when she is sleeping, the Mella has three sleep sounds; rain, white noise, and ocean. Rhyan loved the beach so much and fell asleep quickly while listening to the water, the ocean would be perfect for her.

Another thing Rhyan, and a lot of children need to sleep well is a night light. Her lamp is on all the time. The Mella offers five color option to create a soft glow.

Rhyan does not need a nap timer, as she stopped taking naps a while ago. The nap timer feature doesn’t have to just be for naps. It is a great option for timeouts. You can use this feature for timed play activities and so much more.

Sleep – Play – Wake

What I love more than anything about this? It would be Mella’s Sleep, Play, and Wake features.

Early Morning RisersWhen it is time for Rhyan to go to bed, Mella will go to bed with her. The Mella modern yet, cute. With the sleep sounds and night light.

Early Morning Riser

Rhyan will still wake up early in the morning at times. With the Mella, she can tell its ok to get out of bed, but to play quietly in her room.

Early Morning RisersWhen the alarm clock goes off and the light around Mella turns green, its go time. It is now time to get started with her day.

Backing on Kickstarter.

Little Hippo and the Mella is fully funded on Kickstarter. I have not backed, yet. I will be sending my pledge in a few days at the $40 or more level. Who wouldn’t want their Limited Edition Mella? They are releasing it in green and it is only available to Kickstarted backers and will not be available once it is sold out. But what I REALLY want for Rhyan’s room is the purple one once they reach their first stretch goal. Other colors available is arctic blue and blush pink.

What to back them too? Head to their Kickstarter campaign and get in on the early delivery and so much more.

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