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Have you ever dreamed of winning the lottery? What about daydreaming of winning the lottery? Over the past few years, I have had several dreams of winning the lottery and it is always fun to think about what I would want to do with the lottery wins. I even have a secret Pinterest board of what I would want to do. I will set it to public as this post goes live.

Dream Big Princess - Dreaming of Winning the LotteryWhat Is The First Thing You Would Do If You Won The Lottery?

Have you ever really thought about the first thing you would do if you won the lottery? This will tell you how much I have thought about it so far. I know that I would protect my ticket first and foremost as I start to put together a team to help me navigate my windfall. I would have to hire a tax attorney, family planning attorney, licensed accountant, financial advisor, CPA, whatever I needed to protect myself and the new assets.
The State of Texas has laws in place that would allow me to remain anonymous, so it would be a huge help to keep people that I do not want knowing that we won such a huge amount. The attorneys would help me claim my ticket and let me know how to go about this.

Let’s think of how much now

I normally start playing the Powerball once in a while after it is over 150 million. I am going to give a say that the jackpot for this post would be about 500 million, and the cash option prize is at 250 million. After good old Uncle Sam takes his money from that, I would have a take-home amount of about 125 million. That is a good chunk of change!

What would I give to family?

The next thing I would do after claiming my win would be to pay off all debt. My team would help me make sure nothing is left unpaid. I am not sure how much that would be but I am going with a VERY generous estimate .05%.  After that, I would get my mother set up for the rest of her life. If she wants to keep this house, we would have it gutted and remodeled for her, even though I would prefer for her to move into the Edgemere. I have worked with the security team there and I would trust them with my mother. Since my dream would be to move down to Flordia, I would check and see if she wanted to come with us, or if she would prefer to stay local to Texas. Check out Edgemere below.

I would then set her up with her own lawyers and team and a for all of I would set aside 5% just for her. 6.25 million should set her up for the rest of her life.

My Children, Set For Life?

After this, I would look at setting up Trust Funds for my children. Each of them would receive 8% in a trust fund for college, and at the age of 25, they would be able to start receiving a monthly transfer into their accounts. I would support them until that time unless they went to college, etc. This would be right at 10 million for them.
As for Jacobs mother, I would have our family law attorney call her up so that we could set a new house for Jacob (we would figure out how to make sure the house was his) and funds for Jacobs upbringing to be transferred to her account to care for him. This would also set up him coming to Florida to stay with us whenever he wanted hopefully. I am not a mean woman and would never try and take a child away from his mother.

Giving to My Brother and a few others.

With both mine and James’ families, I would set up an account if they were to come to us to ask for money, or if they needed help with something. This way our attorneys can field what is given and to who.

After This is Set up, How much is left?

Let’s look at what I have given so far in my Dream:
Have you ever dreamed of winning the lottery? What about daydreaming of winning the lottery? Over the past few years, I have had several dreams of winning the lottery and it is always fun to think about what I would want to do with the lottery wins. I even have a secret Pinterest board of what I would want to do. I will set it to public as this post goes live.
So, I would have approximately 45 million after all major purchases

Dreaming of Winning The Lottery? What About Investing?

So, I would have around 45 million left. How much of that should I invest? 50% of it would be invested! 22 million would be invested. I would have 22 million to survive on for bills and HOA dues. I even took a few CD rate and looked at splitting them up between four banks. I have set asside a few accounts for things like the dream home and other things I consider major purchases.

A New House!

I already said I wanted to move to Flordia. The images I created for this post have Dream Big Princess on them. Can you image where I would want to live? No, I don’t want a house in Orlando, or around Disney World. No, I have to DREAM BIG! I dream of living AT Disney World. Have you heard of the community called Golden Oak? It is a community only four miles away from the Magic Kingdom inside of the Disney World Resort. I have looked at a few of the houses at Golden Oak, and I know which one I want. The first one that I REALLY want is The Capolavoro. The Capolavoro is located in the Four Season Residences area at Golden Oak.

If I am talked down from this price range. I would love to have one of the ones under construction or move in ready at the other areas of Golden Oak. They have a list of homes on their website, and two others also in the Four Seasons area also. The Four Seasons one is a little under 8 million, and I would have to see if that would be doable with what I have left because it also comes with HOA dues. I don’t want to purchase something and have to do what a lot of lottery winners do and end up going bankrupt. What is also awesome about living there? Being able to call for a car and be taken to Disney World, and so many other amenities. I did put aside 15% for our dream home, and that is right at 18 million. If we do not use all of the funds, it will be added to our bill money account.

Travel Dreams

One thing that I also want to do other than live at Disney World, is to travel. I want an RV so bad and I dream of owning one. The Foretravel Realm. I want the LVB Bunk Model floorplan. Check it out below. MHSRV has it priced at $859,999, what an upgrade to the Jayco one we are currently looking at! We wouldn’t be able to do it with this amount that is set aside, so whatever is left over from the dream home could help with the RV.

The other thing I would like to do is a cruise. Disney Cruise anyone? For the Walt Suite, on a 7 7-night cruise, its about 60K.

Cars and More

I have a list of cars I want a mile long, First is the Dodge Durango STR, James has the Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk. The only other car I want more than anything is a Dodge Demon.

Medical and Dental

I have to have dental work done. I would be putting aside approximately 1% just for mine and James’ work that needs to be done. I need a full mouth of new teeth and would look at doing a hybrid denture. I am saving for a plain denture now, because you know implants are EXPENSIVE. I may consider full implants, but I like the idea of a hybrid denture also.
I have played around with James about wanting it done, but I really don’t want any other cosmetic surgery. I may have a tummy tuck or things like that, but no boob jobs or facial work done. After two c-sections and two large babies, I would like a flat tummy.

Since We live at Disney, What about the Parks?

You knew this one was coming. Shortly after moving into our new house, I want to do the Private VIP Tour of Disney World. One day for each park. That way we can figure out how to get around and get a close look at Disney World. I also want to do some shopping for the house and for friends and family. I would also invite my family and friends for a trip out to Disney also. After we get accustomed to our new life. An estimate of this would be around $30K or so for all of the parks.

Marriage on the Horizon?

You already know that James and I plan to have the commitment ceremony this year. We may consider actual marriage after everything settles. When talking about paying off debt, I would be paying his off too, and the account would be both of ours. This would be our win. If we separate, which I already know will not happen, it is just like any relationship. It is split 50/50. If we do the actual marriage thing down the road, I want to be married at Disney World. We would be living there and living that life. Why not let good old Mickey Mouse marry us.

What Would You Want To Do With A Lottery Winning?

Have you ever sat down and thought about what you would want to do with a lottery win? I know 99% of people don’t plan like I have in this, but it was fun every time I have a dream about winning, I take the amount of the win and see what I could REALLY do with it.

Pinterest and Amazon Things I dream of

You can check out our Pinterest Board HERE and the things I would want from Amazon are listed below.


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