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I can’t help it, I keep dreaming of travel. Packing my bags, getting into an RV and traveling the states, and then boarding a plan and backpacking around the world. How many of us actually have this dream? How many of us actually live this dream. I have searched Pinterest and I see that some people do live this dream, and even make money doing it.

So, running this blog is what I am trying to do. IF I am able to start making an income from it, I am telling everyone but my girls good-bye and to follow our adventures here. (Or well, on the site I am going to start when I get it running by the same name, just my own hosting plan).

The Plan


Buy a Grand Design Reflections 5th Wheel like the one above. It has plenty of space for Jame, Jacob, Rhyan, Skyler, and I. I wanted to do a Tiny House on Wheels, but that just isn’t for traveling full-time.


You have to admit, this one is beautiful. Has plenty of space for me to cook and I’ll upgrade my Desktop I am currently using to a Laptop to write and edit my photos. Two bathrooms so we don’t have to worry about the kids waking us up to go to the bathroom. BONUS, Kids are on the other side of the 5th wheel.


I know my little Impala will never pull the 5th Wheel so, I plan to buy a Dodge Ram truck to pull the trailer. It will also be a comfortable vehicle for us to drive around in after we get settled somewhere for a little bit.

What about places the 5th Wheel can’t go?


Then we will be roughing it under the stars in a tent, or well tents. We will be putting together a list of supplies that are on my wish list for this that I will be sharing on pinterest.  Go ahead and take a look.

How will we make money on the road?

Well I am hoping to do it with the blog, videos, affiliate marketing, sponsored post, and much more. With traveling, I will try to keep our expenses down as much as we can and go from there.

I will also be offering my photography services where ever we go. That will be a little bit of an income coming in, and I would also consider letting clients contact me for big events and traveling to them at no charge.

Etsy is also an option with many things I can do. I have thought about making different printable’s to sell online via Etsy or places like that. Even Printable’s for sell on here.

What about James? How would he make an income? I have thought about seeing if he would like to write also. He is also really good with his hands and with wood working. He may want to offer his services where ever we go for others building tiny homes, and things like that.
I have also seen where places pay you to go where they are during their harvest time and have many different jobs we can do. That would be an option for us also, Some RV Parks also offer free pads in exchange for working for them in their office or maintenance at their parks. Look into WWOOF
So, not only can we work online and through the blog and video, but we can also find other means of work at the same time.

Where do we want to go?

We have a whole list of places we want to go over on the Bucket List Page. But I want to visit each state and travel Route 66 more than anything. I also want to spend some time at Disney World’s Fort Wilderness Campgrounds. As we can, I would also like to visit Greece, Mexico, Japan, Scotland, England, Paris, and so much more.

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  • Wind Kisses

    Great pictures, an great aspirations, that I am sure come to you in time. A great way to start that journey is to reach out to the National Park Service. They pay you (not much) to work there, sometimes lodging is included. It’s a simple living, but a test in, is it really is for you. Are you following Wandering Dawgs? They are doing that too.

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