Downsizing and a Date Night

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I had a wonderful weekend with Mr. James. He has known I wanted to clean my closet out for a while now and I am always wanting to downsize and start to live minimally, so why not start now in getting ride of things. Why not start with my closet? The closet that was packed so full that you couldn’t step into it.


The Problem?

I literally could not step a foot into my closet. It is a 5×5 little room that can hold so much in it, I never put my Christmas decorations up in the attic from last year. I put everything in there. I had a ladder, to get access to the attic in the closet, I had wine and liquor bottle on the self that I never used for craft projects. I had boxes that were broken. I also had trash. So much stuff was in there. It wasn’t me being a pack rat, but a hoarder.

Mr. James to the rescue.

James wanted to get in there and help me, even though I had tried to hide my closet from him for so long. So, while pulling things out of the closet, we had a keep pile, trash bags, and a donate a pile.

If it was broken, it went in the trash, it was usable by someone else, donate. I honestly tried to keep my keep pile small, I don’t want a lot of stuff to pile up again. I think it was my shoes that bothered me more than anything. I donated a lot of shoes. I donated clothing I never wear or were now too small. I have had too many single pod coffee makers over the years and there was one just sitting in the bottom of my closet. Never being used.

In the End

I had a full bag of shoes, a large bag of clothes, and a few other products for donation. I had several bags of trash. I have about a quarter closet of clothes left in there. I did put the shirt I bought James the other day on the other side and he is noticing what I am doing. If I have to, I will move him in one article of clothing at a time.

I had a wonderful weekend with Mr. James. He has known I wanted to clean my closet out for a while now and I am always wanting to downsize and start to liv

Date Night

Sunday we didn’t do as much, but we did end up going grocery shopping, to the goodwill, and then looking at a few 5th wheels since we are still tossed up about which style or manufacturer we would like to get.

James also asked while we were out if I would like to go to dinner with him. Just the two of us. No kids in tow. I don’t think he knows how excited I was when he asked that. Even after asking where we were going, and I realized I would need to get a little dressed up and do makeup, I was still excited. He wanted a steak! We ended up at Outback Steakhouse! How did he know??? That was always a favorite as a kid. It was a wonderful dinner and even better, wonderful company to be able to spend even a few minutes together alone.

I don’t think he knows

I honestly don’t think he knows how appreciative I am of this man. I am trying my hardest to show him in whatever way I can. I am falling in love with him every day. Watching him dance with Rhyan, making sure Skyler gets what she has asked for and letting her know. He treats us so well, and I can only hope and pray I am returning his affection and so much more the way he does. I still can’t believe I have found a man that not only listened to me when I told him my love language was Acts of Service, but he has acted on it in every single way. I will always try and speak in your love language of physical touch James. You are worth so much to us. I love you.


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