Disney World Planning

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As we plan to start living full-time in our future RV or 5th Wheel, I have planned our Disney World Vacation. I wanted to take a look at a few different option into really experiencing Disney with our family.

Staying at the Fort Wilderness Campgrounds – Package


I looked up what it would cost for a full two weeks vacation for five at a premium site, 10 day park hopper plus, the premium dining plan, and memory maker tickets. This came out to right at $11,000

Staying at the Fort Wilderness Campgrounds – Package 2

I then looked up the same package without the dining plan. It came out right at $5,000 for the same thing. This will show the difference between the next option

Staying at Fort Wilderness Campground – Package 3

I took the tickets off for this one, just to stay at Fort Wilderness for two weeks it is right at $2,000. I then looked up how much an annual pass would cost. It was right at $5,000 for this.

Sherwood Forest Package

Credit Sherwood Forest

I then went to see how much it would cost to just stay two weeks at Sherwood Forest RV Park for two weeks. It came out a little over $1,000 at their Elite site. I then moved it to staying here for 3 months! It came out to $3,000.

So, what package is the best option?

We could stay at Sherwood for an extended amount of time, while visiting Disney when we wanted. We wouldn’t have to stay the entire day, and we would have PLENTY of time to explore this area of Florida while having a great resort to always come back to. Instead of doing a dining plan the annual pass includes a 20% discount at Disney for select dining and other things. This  our plan in the end.

What about our Savings?

I have looked into how we can save for Disney and I already have started. I have used Starbucks for this for a while now. By then this site will be making a decent profit to be able to afford to go here. We may even have sponsors to spend time at Disney. We do not plan to go till after 2019 since that is when the new Star Wars Land “Galaxy’s Edge” but we have both thought to push it back a few more years since they will be adding a few other attractions also to Epcot and World Showcase.



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