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I always see how to plan a Disney Vacation on a budget but I never see Planning a Dream Disney Vacation. I seem to do this every time that a large Powerball or Mega Millions Lottery is going on, I always think about what I would do if I had a large windfall and had no worries over what I would do financially. When asked what I would do with all that money, the first thing I would say is to plan our dream Disney Vacation. But, have you ever really sat down and thought what that would be? I mean plan out your own dream vacation? Please don’t tell me I am alone in this.

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Disney Dreaming | Where Would We Stay?

What would your Dream Disney Vacation look like if money wasn't an issue? We talk about what we would do if we hit a large lottery. If you look at the main image and the one to the left, it might be a giveaway. These are not at Disney, but the Hotel we are dreaming of staying at are themed after those images. My first choice of hotel HAS to the Polynesian Village Resort. If money isn’t an issue and I could have my choice of rooms, it wouldn’t be just the regular room, but the Club Level theme park view. Club Level includes a dedicated concierge, advanced planning and reservations, turn down service, and then the FOOD!  Club Level offers a continental breakfast, snacks, drinks, appetizers, and deserts. For those 21 and older, you also have beer and wine out during certain times.

So why the Polynesian? The theme of the resort is the main reason. It would be like visiting Hawaii for us. (Yes I know, with a large lotto, we could go to Hawaii and Pacific islands.) It is also on the monorail for the Magic Kingdom and we can watch the fireworks on the beach.

How long would we want to stay? If it wasn’t an issue, I would stay the maximum of 15 days with 10-day park hopper plus tickets. This way we would be able to see and do just about everything at an easy pace and not worry about the timing of everything. We would have three days of park breaks other than the day of arrival and departure.

Are Tours just Disney Dreaming?What would your Dream Disney Vacation look like if money wasn't an issue? We talk about what we would do if we hit a large lottery.

Even with the pricing of $425 – $600, I would want to enjoy a Private VIP Tour for at least one day. Have you seen the Cast Members in Plaid out at the parks with a group of visitors? That was most likely one of the tour groups. Disney offers several types of tours, but the Private VIP Tour would be what we would want.

Not only does the Cast Member plan your day with you, but they tell you all about the parks and show you tips and tricks along the way. You start your day at your desired time by your guide picking you up. You would then have a day packed full of shows, rides, parades and more. You also have reserved area’s at parades just for your family.

If we were in a time crunch, this might be a great idea to visit all of the parks and ride all of the rides. Disney also offers the Ultimate Day of Thrills and Day of Classics. I have also noticed the new addition of The Nights of Adventure. Disney offers other tours but the ones mentioned above are what we would want to experience if we could.



Epic Disney Dreaming Dining

What would your Dream Disney Vacation look like if money wasn't an issue? We talk about what we would do if we hit a large lottery.The Disney Dining Plan has been upgraded in 2018. The Deluxe Dining plan now includes an alcoholic drink were in previous years it did not. Most of the restaurants that we would love to visit are on the deluxe plan.

If we could, I would prefer to have dinner at the Dinner Show Spirit of Aloha on our day of arrival. The good thing about being in club level is the planning service. The concierge helps with dinning reservations, and I would love their help planning our epic Dream Disney Vacation.

We would like to have meals at, Cinderella’s Royal Table, Be Our Guest, Yachtsman’s Steakhouse, California Grill, and many others.

One other thing that we would be doing while at Epcot is eating our way around the world, I am not a heavy drinker and can not hold my alcohol, so, drinking around the world would not be a fun trip, but going to each country in Epcot would be right up my alley. Maybe the concierge could help planning this day?

Just a Dream Disney Vacation

I wish I could say that this vacation was possible for us right now. Maybe one day we could actually do this. Only other thing I would want to do is give James his nights in the Star Wars Hotel along with this Epic Disney Dream Vacation. Without the VIP Tour and extra food, just the resort, tickets, dining plan, and flight alone would cost around $25,000. This would be a dream vacation for us if we hit the lottery one day.

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